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With more than 20 years of experience in the vending machines industry, you can trust our cannabis vending machines as the best solution to boost your business!

Harvin | Cannabis Vending Machine | Magic Baby

A compact, simple yet smart cannabis vending machine that can fit any location, even a small corner of your shop window.

All the advantages of the compact Magic Baby cannabis vending machine, with a smart digital touch screen display.
Harvin | Cannabis Vending Machine | Magic Hour

Every hour of the day is magic when you can sell up to 60 products with a cannabis vending machine that operates H24.

Harvin | Cannabis Vending Machine | Magic Wind

All the advantages of Magic Hour Touch in a more compact cannabis vending machine that sells up to 40 products.

Harvin | Cannabis Vending Machine | Refrigerated Hemp Vending Machine

Join the revolution of cannabis food and drinks with a refrigerated cannabis vending machine selling up to 48-56 products.

Harvin | Cannabis Vending Machines | Master Mix refrigerated cannabis vending machine

A refrigerated slave module to integrate any of our cannabis vending machines, adding up to 24 food and drinks products.

MASTER LIFT PLUS is a high-performance vending machine, suitable for all types of products. The Harvin Master Lift Plus is the ideal solution to offer your customers all your products 24 hours a day in maximum security..



I was looking for a reliable company to buy a vending machine in order to turn my CBD business into a 24-hour shop, and after researching on social media and search engines I chose to contact Harvin, as they seemed the most professional ones.

It is a winning choice that has considerably increased my sales. The income I get monthly from the distributor allows me to earn much more than I would if I only sold during the shop's opening hours. If I should suggest to someone where to buy a vending machine, I would not hesitate to recommend Harvin!


I got to know Harvin because it has participated in numerous trade fairs on the subject of legal cannabis, it is in fact a well-known name, especially in the new CBD sector in Italy and is now also making a name for itself abroad.

I decided to contact them because they seemed to be a serious and reliable company right from the start. I decided to buy a Magic Baby push-button dispenser which, although small, is very capacious and robust. I wasn't wrong, my customers are crazy about it!


"I decided to buy a Harvin vending machine and it has been a real breakthrough for my shop. There are no other state-of-the-art vending machines in my area like my Magic Wind!

My customers are satisfied and have spread the word, allowing me to find new customers and maximise my sales. I chose Magic Wind because I wanted to offer my customers a great selection of products and increase the sales hours to the maximum to meet their needs at any time. Harvin is a serious and competent company that I would recommend to my colleagues."


"Harvin's staff were very helpful and kind and helped me at every stage of my cannabis vending machine purchase: they recommended the most suitable cannabis vending machine for my business and are available to help me at any time, even after the purchase. If necessary, they can also assess the operation of the machine remotely. My income has multiplied since I bought a Harvin cannabis vending machine, my customers are crazy about it! Not only because it can round out the services I offer with the shop, but because in addition to being an effective sales tool, it is also a very bright piece of furniture that attracts even more customers at night with its bright green light!"


When I decided to automate my business and allow my customers to get products from my store even during the closing times, I turned to Harvin for their professionalism and availability.

The company has been operating in the vending sector for more than 20 years and after the new legislation it has specialised in the cannabis and CBD market; in terms of competence Harvin has no equal, so I decided to be wary of anyone offering me vending machines at prices that were too low, because I think the value of a really efficient and productive vending machine needs a good investment.

I didn't regret my choice, I would recommend Harvin to anyone looking for a competent vending machines' company!


"Hi guys I am Marco and I live in Switzerland, my partner and I opened a company that distribute legal Cannabis throughout Switzerland. Our products are highly appreciated and are also gaining ground abroad.

When we decided to invest in some legal cannabis vending machines, my partner and I went to visit some manufacture Cannbis Vending Machines companies. The answers we were looking for we met in Harvin and we appreciated the professionalism of all the Harvin staff too. Therefore the choice fell on the products of the Magic Wind 40 selections with touch screen technology,a real Cannabis smart vending machine.

We added the Magic Baby touch 18 selectionsto complete our lines. This two powerful sales tools of Legal Cannabis are working 24 hour a day , they are working well and the collections now represent a major percentage of our turnover. Harvin is a Company strongly recommended, word of entrepreneur."

PIZZA EXPRESS DI Ropelato Christian

“A few months ago I introduced legal cannabis products in my shop and I didn’t know how to do it in order to be able to offer these Legal Cannabis based products every day, in fact my shop is open from late afternoon until evening and for 2 days the week is closed “.

I met Harvin on social media I contacted them and they immediately offered me the ideal solution for my business. A Magic Baby 18 legal cannabis vending machine, compact and easy to attach to the wall. Thanks Harvin for bringing me the best solution!"

Castel Ivano (Trento, ITALY)
Botanica Urbana

"Hi my name is Gianni and I have 2 legal Cannabis shop in Florence and Prato.

The commitment to have 2 businesses open during the day put me to the test. I was looking for an investment that would allow me to find a little more free time. I could expand the offer of my products even to passing customers, at night or when I am not present in my legl cannabis shop.

I found the solution in Harvin with 2 beautiful Magic Baby 18 Legal Hemp Vending Machines. I am now present 24 hours a day with a very high-yield service. Congratulations to the Harvin staff!"

Florence ( ITALY )

"The installation of Harvin's new "Magic Baby" vending machine for the sale of legal hemp was a real turning point for my business. It immediately caught the eye of passers-by and sales have increased. Magic Baby vending machine, with 18 product selections is a practical and functional tool, that after a reasonable investment helped me to increase my income and now I can offer my products 24 hours a day every day of the week. I am very happy, I recommend Harvin to everyone!"

Cannabis Store Amsterdam

"Before purchasing Harvin's "Magic Baby" vending machine I had many concerns that the profits would not cover the cost of the machine. Actually I was wrong, Harvin's Magic Baby vending machine for the sale of cannabis and CBD has been an excellent investment. The experienced Harvin salesman gave me the best advice during the purchasing process and the technicians took care of the installation with great precision. I am satisfied with my Magic Baby vending machine from Harvin!"


I decided to purchase Harvin's "Magic baby touch" 18 selection hemp vending machine first of all to provide a 24-hour self-service to my customers. In fact, within a few days of installation, I noticed that not only were my regular customers buying from the vending machine, but it was also attracting new customers. Thanks to Harvin's Magic Baby touch vending machine I have increased my sales even more! Yes, I would definitely recommend it.


"I have been thinking about the vending machine solution for a while to offer an additional service to my shop, which is why I chose Harvin's Magic Wind cannabis vending machine. Forty product selections allow me to greatly increase the offer to my customers, plus it is a touch screen machine with practical, intuitive and fast software. The technicians have created a custom installation with backlit panels that, especially in the evening, catch the eye of passers-by. Harvin's Magic Wind dispenser has been a great buy".

Casal Grande



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