When in Rome... Harvin at Canapa Mundi 2020

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, as the saying goes. For us at Harvin a better and more on the spot version of the old saying would have been “When in Rome, don’t miss Canapa Mundi”. Canapa Mundi is the oldest italian cannabis fair, one of the largest cannabis trade shows in Italy, and definitely a great marketplace for legal cannabis and all the cannabis, hemp and CBD based products that are enriching the market of the new green economy.

Canapa Mundi has been growing over the years, as well as the Italian legal cannabis market, to the point that this year the roman cannabis fair moved from its previous location to the new Fiera di Roma trade show compound, a huge location that fitted well the growth of Canapa Mundi.

As usual for the world of cannabis fairs, Canapa Mundi had a full program of initiatives that surrounded the business of the cannabis trade show, starting with a very interesting schedule of workshops, conferences and talks, a wide area dedicated to cannabis and hemp based food and drinks, a full lineup of DJs playing nice music and actually streaming it online through the recently launched Pot Radio, an area dedicated to children, and of course a full display of all the cannabis, hemp and CBD products that are at the core of every cannabis fair: legal CBD weed and hash, CBD based e-liquids for vaping, grow tech equipment, hemp fashion, CBD cosmetics and the already mentioned hemp, cannabis and CBD based yummy food and drinks, with hemp beer getting more and more popular and being spilled everywhere around the trade show.

The Harvin team didn’t have a dedicated exhibition booth at Canapa Mundi, as we participated to the roman cannabis fair by sharing the booth with our long time partners CBD Flowers, while we had our cannabis vending machines distributed across other partners’ expo booths such as CBWeed and many more successful Italian cannabis light businesses.

We brought with us just a couple of cannabis vending machines of the Harvin line, the very popular and top sellers Magic Wind and Magic Baby Touch. As usual, we met with many new clients interested in expanding their business horizon by adding one or more automatic cannabis distributors to their green business shop, as well as plenty of visitors just curious about our cannabis vending machines asking a lot of questions, to which we were very happy to give fully detailed answers.

As a result, our shared booth was pretty busy most of the time, as we did plenty of demos with our cannabis vending machines, including showing how easy it is to load products in the automatic weed distributors, how to easily configure the touch screen display and how to enter a full description for each product, as well as a many demos about the security functionalities of our cannabis vending machines, starting with the powerful card reader all our cannabis vending machines are equipped with. Follow the previous links to learn from our blog a little bit more about the technical functionalities we are talking about.

Here is a picture of the Harvin team at Canapa Mundi 2020, at our joint expo booth shared with CBD Flowers. If you want to see more Harvin team in action, just check our Instagram page, as we have been posting several pictures as well as a few video interviews during the weekend we spent in Rome at Canapa Mundi.


If you have any questions about our cannabis vending machines, you don’t need to wait until the next cannabis trade show to get an Harvin demo. Just contact our team, and we’ll be happy not only to give you all the info you need, we will also be happy to meet you at your shop or business place, so we can evaluate together your needs both in terms revenues goals as well as of the physical space needed to install a cannabis vending machine.

Keep following our posts on the Harvin blog, and don’t forget to check out the official Harvin social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on the latest news from Harvin. By the way, let us close this blog post with something that closes the circle with the way we started this article. When in Rome… we actually also did as the Romans do, and we treat ourselves with an amazing pasta amatriciana dinner, a classic of traditional roman cuisine and a very well deserved dinner for the Harvin team after a long working day at Canapa Mundi!