Cannabis Vending Machines with a Touch of Magic: Magic Baby Touch, Magic Wind Touch, Magic Wind Touch

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It’s a kind of magic”, The Queens used to sing… we love Freddy Mercury and The Queens, who doesn’t? It’s not because of the British rock band that we named our cannabis vending machines “Magic”, but because they really are magic, with their ability to expand our clients’ business horizons with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operations.

And our “Magic Touch” product line of automatic weed distributors is even more magic, thanks to the touch screen display our Magic Baby Touch, Magic Wind Touch and Magic Hour Touch carry as top feature. The machines’ touch screen display is very bright, with brightness that can be adjusted to the desired levels, pretty much as you can do it on your smartphones or computer displays. The selection options are always very clear and big, and the display’s software offers the opportunity of writing full product information next to the product image.

Before getting into individual details for each machine, let’s highlight some more features that are common to all of the three cannabis distributors, and pretty much to all of Harvin’s products. With the flexibility of all the Harvin cannabis vending machine to adapt to any product size, our automatic distributors are not limited to sell just the packaged flowers of legal cannabis, but can adapt to sell any other product, including cannabis accessories such as grinders, rolling papers, filters and lighters, and, most important, can be loaded with any other cannabis, hemp and CBD product such as CDB oils and cosmetics, hemp based edibles and snacks and more, so you can offer to your cannabis fan clientele the full spectrum of products they might be interested in.

Another common feature is the ability to load products and run maintenance operations from both the front and the back of the machines, meaning that you can load and unload products and empty the cash collector from the safety of your shop by using the back door. Talking about security, all our cannabis vending machines feature a double security lock on the front, because adding security to your business is something that it’s among our priorities at Harvin.

More common functionalities featured by our cannabis vending machines include a state of the art card reader for age verification whose software can recognize all legal documents issued across Europe, in seven different European languages (we talked about it in this post), and powerful coin and banknotes collectors that recognize Euros and other European currencies and, most important, that give change to your customers, and that separate coins and bills by value. Our cannabis vending machines also offer the possibility of integrating a credit card reader that recognizes all contactless, chip and magnetic credit cards, in order to maximize sales. As a plus, all our cannabis vending machines can integrate a refrigerated slave module such as Master Mix, that allows to expand the selection of products sold by the automatic distributor, including up to 24 additional product selections of food and drinks.

Last but certainly not least, all our automatic cannabis vending machines are easily rebrandable thanks to a simple wrap that can make them more “your thing” by making your logo and brand very visible on the external design, either you will be installing the machines at your shop or at third parties business places.

Said so, let us introduce our “digital magic” cannabis vending machines one by one. Getting into details with our “magic distributors”, let’s start talking about Magic Baby Touch, the smallest and more versatile automatic distributor among the Magic Touch line of Harvin cannabis vending machines is the evolution of our classic automatic cannabis distributor Magic Baby, upgraded with a touch screen display. Magic Baby Touch can load up to 18 product selections, that can be beautifully shown on the machine’s 19” touch screen display.

With its compact size (125cm tall, 70cm wide, 39cm deep), Magic Baby Touch can be easily installed on a wall or within a shop window. The machine comes with an optional 60cm tall base that allows to place the machine as stand-alone in a corner or dedicated space of your shop, as well as other third parties locations, for example in a mall. If you want to know more about Magic Baby Touch, check out this article we dedicated to our most popular and best selling cannabis vending machine.

If 18 product selections are not enough for you, then your cannabis vending machine of choice could be Magic Wind Touch, a cannabis vending machine that loads up to 40 product selections. While the Magic Wind Touch features are similar to those we just highlighted for the Magic Touch Baby, the most notable difference is in size, as Magic Wind Touch is taller than Magic Wind Touch (187cm tall) while being less wide (55cm) and a bit deeper (69cm), in order to accommodate more products.

Forty product selections are not enough? Then you can go for the largest cannabis vending machine of our Magic Touch series, Magic Hour Touch, that allows you to load up to 60 product selections. Besides the product capability, the major difference between Magic Touch Hour and the other cannabis vending machines is an overall larger size (187cm tall, 73cm wide, 69cm deep), that reflects also in a larger, 22” touch screen display.

Sixty product selections are still not enough? We are impressed! The solution at this point, as already adopted by several of our clients, is to install more than one cannabis vending machine, a solution that can allow you also to differentiate among the products you offer to your clientele. With two cannabis vending machines, for example, you could distribute legal cannabis flowers from a machine, and cannabis accessories and CBD-based products from the other. By adding the refrigerated slave module, you will also be able to sell food and drinks, and to offer the full range of cannabis, hemp and CBD based products to your clients. The combinations are endless, and the limit is only given by how much you want your business horizon to expand!

If you need more info about the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines, please contact our team, and one of our sales representatives will schedule an appointment with you at your shop or business location to evaluate with you which model of cannabis vending machine is more suitable to fit your physical placement location as well as your business goals.

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