The powerful card readers of our legal weed vending machines

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It’s time to introduce to our followers some of the powerful technical assets featured by the Harvin legal weed vending machines. This new blog post is the first in a series of articles dedicated to explore the functionalities of our very much in-demand cannabis distributors, and we have decided to start this series of articles introducing one of the most powerful technical features, the card readers that allow access to the sale of legal cannabis, hemp and CBD based products from our cannabis vending machines.


First of all, since all weed vending machines can be operated only by users of legal age (which is 18 years in Europe), the first functionality of our card readers is that of validating the age of the client. The software we have developed for our card readers is state of the art, and recognizes and accept all major valid and legal ID cards from all over Europe: personal IDs, driver’s license, residence permits and health/sanitary cards. Pretty much like all automatic cigarette distributors, only users of legal age will be allowed to purchase the products sold by our cannabis vending machines.

Then, of course, our automatic weed distributors can be optionally equipped with a credit card reader that recognizes and accepts all valid credit and debit cards, including prepaid credit cards and private credit cards of any technology, whether if the card is equipped with a magnetic band, a digital chip or with contactless technology.

Sure, all of our legal weed vending machines can accept cash payments too, but the possibility to be able to pay with a credit or debit card for the purchase of legal cannabis and CBD based product is a great feature to avoid the situations where the buyer doesn’t carry enough cash, since the average price of legal cannabis and CBD products is generally medium high, definitely higher than purchasing a packet of cigarettes.

From the shop owner’s point of view our credit card readers deliver a further advantage. In many cases, automatic distributors with card readers need to be connected with a new, dedicated bank account, which can be a bit of a barrier for many shop owners. At Harvin we understood the issue, so we fixed the problem by adopting a software that allows to connect the credit card reader to an existing bank account.

Another further advantage in choosing one of the many automatic weed distributors of the Harvin product line is that the software managing the card reader, as well as all other software managing other features of our machines including the distributors’ touch screen display, doesn’t need much maintenance, and it is upgraded by the Harvin technical team remotely on a regular basis, without the need of interrupting operations, so that the cannabis vending machines can operate continuously, expanding your business horizons for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you need more information about the card readers installed on all of Harvin’s automatic cannabis vending machines, just visit our website at, where you can find very detailed technical sheets documents in pdf version that are available for download at each page of our legal weed vending machines.

Or just get in touch with us for a phone chat with our team, or to ask us to come visit you at your store to talk about how we can help you expand your business horizons by upgrading your business with an Harvin cannabis vending machines, and to evaluate together which one of our weed vending machines fits more your business goals and your physical shop location.

Stay tuned for our next blog posts about the technical features of the Harvin line of cannabis vending machine. The next feature we will be proud to present in a blog post will be the touch screen display featured in some of the latest legal weed vending machines of the Harvin Touch line: Magic Baby Touch, Magic Hour Touch and Magic Wind Touch.

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