Designing a vending machine

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Harvin, in its 30 years of experience in the vending industry, has had to deal with different types of design for vending machines for products that required special attention, both to the packaging to be dispensed and to the ease of the shopping experience, which must be pleasant and intuitive. When designing a vending machine, it is necessary to consider these two different aspects, namely the internal part, which must be well structured to accept products such as cigarettes, tobacco, disposable electronic cigarettes, liquids for electronic cigarettes, cbd, legal hemp, and the design of the software, which must have easy access and must facilitate the end customer to purchase the products contained in the vending machine.

Designing a vending machine

What is a vending machine?

A vending machine is a self-service machine that dispenses a variety of products such as: e-cigs, tobacco, cbd, snacks, drinks, disposable electronic cigarettes, lottery tickets. It works by accepting payment from customers and dispensing products in return; it normally accepts coins and banknotes but sometimes also accepts cashless payment methods thanks to credit or debit card readers. Vending machines are often placed in public areas such as shopping centres, airports, universities, specialised shops and other high-traffic places. People can therefore conveniently access vending machines by purchasing products at any time of the day. As technology has advanced, vending machines have become more sophisticated with features such as touch screens, interactive graphics and even artificial intelligence, making them a key player in the retail sector.

Designing a vending machine for various sectors is therefore not easy, but above all it takes a lot of experience. For this reason, Harvin provides a technical team, available to respond to all precise and accurate market demands.

We have combined the design of vending machines with the design of an online platform called Smart Dashboard, which enables Harvin vending machines to be powerful and effective sales tools. With the Smart Dashboard you can schedule your promotions, send targeted discounts to your customers, monitor sales, upload content such as images and videos, and programme all functions remotely. For us at Harvin, designing a vending machine means creating a set of tools that, combined, allow customers to increase sales exponentially. We cannot be satisfied if we design a vending machine without the true soul that characterises it.

Harvin vending machines

The design of a vending machine requires careful consideration of such an important factor as aesthetics.

A well-designed vending machine must not only be intuitive and easy to use, it must also attract the attention of potential customers and display products in an attractive and pleasing manner. In other words, it must look good! Furthermore, during the design process it is necessary to consider an equally fundamental aspect that few take into account: the associated running costs. These include restocking, maintenance and repair costs. Harvin has designed and enhanced a programme that doesn’t neglect any operational detail of your work. By considering these factors, it is possible to design and operate a vending machine that is easy to use, profitable and visually appealing.

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