Hanfautomat: Harvin Cannabis Vending Machines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Hanfautomat is how cannabis vending machines are called in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and across all German language countries. Other versions of cannabis vending machine in German are hanfomat or cannabis automat, but the term hanfautomat is definitely the most common and most used one.

Over the last few months, across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the term hanfautomat is also more and more connected to Harvin, as Harvin cannabis vending machines are getting a wide distribution across german speaking countries.

While actively contributing to the growth of the Italian market of legal cannabis (or cannabis light, as legal cannabis called in Italy) by distributing cannabis vending machine to all major cannabis and CBD brands, cannabis shop chains and grow shops across Italy, Harvin started paying attention at the beginning of this year also to the development and growth of the legal cannabis market across central European countries, and decided to invest time and resources to serve those markets that are close to our northern Italy headquarters.

Our team spent the last few months touring Central Europe and getting more and more customers and distributors, as well as participating as exhibitor to the major legal cannabis, hemp and CBD fairs and trade shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (and beyond, including Czech Republic), showcasing our entire line of cannabis vending machines at Mary Jane Berlin, Cultiva, CannaTrade and Cannafest, as you probably remember from our previous blog article.

If you follow our blog then you already know that we recently started a new distribution partnership in Switzerland with Edel Hemp Switzerland, one of the major distributors of legal cannabis and CBD based products of the alpine country. Our friends at Edel Hemp Switzerland started by being our clients, then decided to get cannabis vending machines branded with their logo, and ended up starting distributing the hanfautomat cannabis machines across Switzerland, making the distribution of cannabis vending machine a side business that it’s really boosting their revenue bottom line.

The guys at Edel Hemp Switzerland also ended up being one of the testimonials featured on the home page of our website: check out the nice words they used to describe our partnership, and how happy they are to be the distributors of our cannabis vending machines in Switzerland. If you want to follow the example of our Swiss friends, clients and distributors at Edel Hemp Switzerland and start distributing our hanfautomat in your country, just get in touch with us and let’s start talking about how you want to grow your business and gain more customers even when your shop is closed!

Cannabis vending machines are not just dedicated to the sale of legal cannabis products, but can feature, distribute and sell all those products of the “new green industry” that are selling fast across the entire Europe (and North American countries): CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD cosmetics, hemp, CBD and cannabis based food products (the so called “edibles”), as well as a wide range of cold cannabis, hemp and CBD drinks, especially if you choose Master Revolution, our refrigerated cannabis vending machine that is our top of the line product, or Master Mix, the latest add to the Harvin hanfautomat product line.

Master Mix is a slave module that can be easily coupled with all our cannabis vending machines with touch screen technology, adding a refrigerated module suitable for selling cold CBD, hemp and legal cannabis snacks, soft drinks and much more alongside the more “classic” legal cannabis products such as legal cannabis flowers and buds. As all our latest cannabis vending machines the Master Mix module features a double door for comfortable opening and easy loading both from the front and the back of the hanfautomat, facilitating all daily loading and unloading operations.

All Harvin hanfautomat cannabis vending machines are also guaranteed for safety and ease of use, and come with and ID card reader and touch screen display managed by a software that is ready and has been localized for pretty much all European countries, and of course also for all German speaking countries! Our clients can always count on the prompt technical support from the Harvin team whenever it is needed, both for installation and ongoing assistance – but the reality is that our hanfautomat need very little assistance, as our cannabis vending machines are very sturdy and resilient, and even their operating software can be updated remotely.

Contact Harvin today! We’ll be happy to help you grow your business and to expand your business horizons by being able to extend your sales and business times up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to one or more hanfautomat cannabis vending machines! Our professional and expert team will study and select with you the best solutions to suit your business location and business goals, and will present to you in detail our full line of cannabis vending machines.

Follow Harvin on our official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Harvin pages to stay updated on Harvin, so you can also intercept the Harvin team at our next participation to the major cannabis fairs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central Europe, so you can check out in person our entire line of hanfautomat cannabis vending machines.

We will soon announce our 2020 participation to the major European cannabis trade shows through our website, so we also suggest you to follow our blog too, especially if you want to know when we’ll be around Germany, Austria and Switzerland!