Innovative vending machines: business perspectives

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Understanding what innovative vending machines are means leaving behind a number of outdated concepts and opening our eyes to one of the most interesting business prospects of recent years.

In this article, we see how the new functionalities pave the way for the adoption of advanced marketing strategies and redefine the concept of ‘automatic shop’.


If we can speak of innovative vending machines, it is due to the new functionalities that have developed thanks to the introduction of new technologies: the result is equipment that goes beyond the definition of a ‘vending machine’ to become a true interactive and intelligent hub.

For example, in the most advanced vending machines, we can find document readers (e.g. identity card, passport): they may seem a trivial addition, but they enable the possibility of selling products reserved for specific age groups.

Similarly, an interactive screen with a customised dashboard enables, among other things, the entry of discount codes, while contactless payment options and the use of mobile apps allow users to make purchases quickly and confidently, enhancing the overall experience.

One of the most important elements of a vending machine is therefore the software, which opens up new possibilities in interactions with customers but also in the management of the vending machine, such as the creation of customised promotions or the inclusion of different administrators.

Through the software, the user experience can be customised, increasing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Data monitoring and analysis is also very important: the software collects and analyses a wide range of data, including purchasing patterns, customer preferences and vending machine performance. This information is crucial for making informed decisions on product, marketing and operations strategies.


Looking further into the future, we can envisage integrations with AI applications, which could allow vending machines to analyse real-time data to optimise stock management and further personalise the user experience.

The advent of facial recognition and biometric identification technologies to make transactions more secure and convenient cannot be ruled out either.

These new features will not only improve operational efficiency, but also convenience and customer satisfaction, opening up new business opportunities and redefining the future of automation in vending machines.


The continuous technological developments and new functionalities of vending machines open up new avenues for new forms of selling and purchasing, capable of reaching new customer segments.

One of the main advantages of vending machines is their ability to adapt to different contexts and sectors. In addition to traditional vending machines for food and beverages, specialised vending machines for products such as technology gadgets, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more are becoming more widespread: a diversification that allows entrepreneurs to expand their target market.

The prospect – and the goal – is to be able to create an automatic shop that is always open, with a fraction of the running costs of a traditional shop and with the ability to respond to specific needs of the public.

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