Where to place a Cannabis Vending Machine?

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place a cannabis vending machine

The advantage of having a Cannabis Vending machine at your service has innumerable positive aspects. The choices on where to place a Cannabis Vending Machine are varied. A shop window is the first choise, as the Cannabis Vending Machine expands sales hours to the public even when your store is closed. In fact, the Cannabis Vending machine works 24 hours a day all year round without interruptions.

Another huge possibility is the one that allows you to expand your sales horizons elsewhere, away from your main business by finding an agreement with other shops or places located in different areas in your town. You can place Cannabis Vending machines also outdoors, in places where the consumer can easily purchase cannabis products. The cannabis Vending machine pushes your revenue and takes your business to other places without having to open a new Grow Shop or a Hemp Shop without incurring in significantly higher costs.

Many stores have followed the first example: placing the cannabis vending machine in the window of their shop and giving a service to all customers 24 hours a day. We estimated an increase of sales through the Cannabis Vending Machine increases of about 40%. Many people prefer to buy from the cannabis vending machine for privacy and anonymity reasons. In many countries in some cases the sales of cannabis products through cannabis vending machines has become a priority compared to the sales of cannabis products through the store itself, making it an irreplaceable work tool. Have you thought about it?

Other locations where to place a cannabis vending machine can represent a new opportunity for selling a product that is in great demand. In fact, place cannabis vending machines around town in places such as pubs, bars, stations, restaurants, near universities, petrol stations, places of public interest and so on can be very profitable since i twill help reache a large number of consumers. The opportunities are endless, just map your cannabis users areas and target them. Be creative.

When positioning Cannabis Vending Machines at third parties it is advisable to prepare a document certifying the ownership of the legal cannabis vending machine and the place where it is located, the minimum stay time of the asset and any economic agreement to be declared in the document. Revenue based on the sale of legal cannabis products must be fixed. This document protects both parties in front of possible disputes or misunderstandings for the exploitation of the location in which the Cannabis Vending machine is placed, and guarantees both parts of a secure profit.

Harvin Cannabis vending machines helps its customers with advice from industry professionals and offers its customers value-added tools to sell their products.

When choosing a location where to place a Cannabis Vending Machine it is adviced to take into account not only the physical location, but also the relative one. It’s better to place a cannabis vending machine in a place of great transit, and making the vending machine clearly visible, easy to reach on foot and by car, however it must be done careful not to place cannabis vending machines in proximity of schools or religious buildings, churches or other sensitive places. In fact, even though legal cannabis has now become widespread in many social groups and in different cultures, some places might reveal to be unprofitable and the cannabis vending machine can be unwelcomed by locals. At Harvin we always do an inspection of the area to see the reality around the business where you want to place a cannabis vending machine, this will avoid making wrong evaluations and will protect our clients’ investment.

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There are also other important analysis that needs to be carried out before choosing the placement of a cannabis vending machine. If you place a cannabis vending machine in a shop or bar the costs are practically zero. However, if you want to install a cannabis vending machine in a shop window or on a wall, some important assessments must be run.

A pre-installation inspection must always be carried out, and some fundamental logistic aspects must be evacuate, such as: what kind of glass the window is made with? Can I cut it? Do I have to put side profiles? How to install the cannabis vending machine? What kind of wall is it? Can it support the weight of the Cannabis Vending Machine?

If you are in difficulty with these evaluations, have no fear. Harvin cannabis vending machines can help you by advising you on the best location and interventions you need to do to install the cannabis vending machine that is best for your business. Harvin, besides producing cannabis vending machines, has installed over 4500 vending machines also serving other sectors from tobacco to pharmaceutical to snack and drinks, and always has great advice t ogive to its customers, out of our multi-annual experience with automatic vending machines. We can definitely offer to our customer the best tips to optimize his investment, and we are always happy to offer our customers new ideas that can turn into important business opportunity.

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