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Investing in vending machines: which type to choose

You may have wondered about the profitability of owning one. The answer is very simple: vending machines guarantee 24-hour passive income, do not have excessive maintenance costs and can quickly open up the horizons of a new business. Would you also like to find out how much you could earn by purchasing a vending machine? Here are some elements that will help you find an answer to your question!

The first question many people ask themselves is what type of vending machine they should choose. The possibilities are truly countless. We at Harvin offer many of them, so that we can guarantee a wide choice to our customers, starting with the classic snack and drink vending machines and ending with the very popular legal hemp vending machines. We have also recently created a model specifically for dispensing disposable electronic cigarettes, which we presented to you in our previous article. We have therefore officially presented our disposable electronic cigarette vending machine. Each of these types has customisable graphics that make the vending machine appealing, in line with your brand.

Obviously, the various vending machine types have different added values depending on the product sold. To give you an idea, we can take water and cbd as an example: the unit price of a small bottle of water is much lower than the unit price of a 5g packet of cbd, but over the course of a day, many more pieces will surely be sold. Looking at the situation from the other perspective, although daily sales through the legal hemp vending machine of 5g packages of cbd are more limited, the selling price of each piece will be much higher and so will the added value.

An investment over time

Obviously, what makes the difference are the qualities of the vending machine you choose: highly professional and high-performance vending machines will make the end customers’ shopping experience easy and quick. They will certainly be enticed to return to your vending machine and make further purchases. A crucial feature in this respect is the presence of a touch screen, which will greatly facilitate the product selection process. In addition, the possibility of installing a credit card reader will expand the possible payment methods and facilitate purchasing. Your customers will not necessarily need cash to buy goods. We at Harvin offer all these accessories and much more.

Whichever type of product you choose, we can give you a better idea of the exact margin by considering an investment over time. The purchase of the vending machine will generate a temporary expense that will be amortised over time. The total price must be divided by the lifetime of the vending machine. This, divided over each month, will be insignificant compared to the profit generated by the machine. Of course, the lifespan of the machine also depends on its condition: very simple routine maintenance is important to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, Harvin offers you all the elements you need to protect it (protective canopy, double armouring, appropriate screen) as well as impeccable after-sales service: whatever your request, we at Harvin will provide you with the tools you need to solve it. A concrete idea can be had with the operational rental option, offered by us at Harvin. This option can be done with a duration ranging from 2 years to 4 years. Each month the lessee pays a certain fee: this will certainly be less than the monthly revenue generated by your distributor. With this mode you will not have to face an initial investment with a considerable tax advantage, in fact you will be able to deduct 100% of the cost of the monthly fee for tax purposes.

Vending machine in shopping center

Location: a crucial aspect

Obviously, a decisive aspect for the profitability of the vending machine is the location where it is placed. It is essential to install the machine in a highly frequented location where it will be seen by hundreds of people every day. People passing by vending machines are generally more likely to make purchases and, being far from home, need to satisfy their needs in a quick time. The presence of a vending machine will therefore meet all their needs. Another idea would be to install the vending machine in places surrounded by shops, such as in a city centre or, even better, in a shopping centre. People go to these places already with the idea of spending their money. They will therefore also be much more likely to buy the products in your vending machine.

Even vending machines located in uncrowded places generate revenue, but what drastically increases them is precisely the possibility of being seen by countless people every day.

Considering all the above elements, we can conclude that buying a vending machine is one of the best investments you can make nowadays. With the right care, you can really give your business a boost, changing both the conditions of your business and the quality of your life.

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