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Hi my name is Pietro Antonio Lonati and I am the CEO of Lar Sistemi srl, the company founded in 1996 by the Lonati family out of a vision and an intuition generated by a constantly game-changing market.

We created the Harvin brand in the year 2000 as a foundation of our commitment to create vending machines that can serve different business and market needs, making Harvin a reality that could be open, flexible and responding to the needs of change. Visit our website www.harvin.it to learn more.

Since the first years of activity we have created a team packed with skills and enthusiasm, thanks to which we have been able to always be a leading company, able to serve several market niches with state-of-the-art automatic distributors.

Along our evolution path, and thanks to changes in the local and European legislation, we also started serving the rising legal cannabis industry in early 2018 with a new line of cannabis vending machines that we called the “Magic” series. Our first four automatic cannabis distributors gained immediate success all across Italy thanks to trust of all the local operators in the legal cannabis sector. Two years later, our product line has expanded, and so is our distribution and customer base, which now also cover several European markets.

Harvin’s history is driven by few but solid principles: quality, efficiency, usability, and customer focus. And a company mantra that is good for us as well as for all our customers: “expand your business horizon”. With Harvin you can expand your business horizon too, just ask our happy customers.

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Quality at Harvin means efficiency, rationality in the choice and total support to the customer. Over the years we have developed a very rigorous work protocol that allows our customers to get the highest quality and total priority.


We guarantee the best confidentiality approach for the legal cannabis market. Our 20+ years of experience in the vending machine sector allows us to offer winning solutions for every store, company, product line or investor in the legal cannabis industry.

Comprehensive Support

As an experienced outsourcing provider, we offer top level products and business solutions for the legal cannabis industry. We are manufacturers of automatic distributors and vending machines, and we’ll always suggest and develop the right solution for your legal cannabis business. Harvin is the right company in the right place, always at the right time!


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