Summer is Here! Discover Master Revolution, our refrigerated vending machines for cannabis food and drinks

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A recent study by Rabobank shows that in the United States foods and beverages containing cannabidiol (CBD), an active ingredient present in cannabis light, are increasingly taking root. It is a component that practically plays a “dual role”: functional ingredient for food and drink, but at the same time a “mood enhancer”. Not a drug, but a substance capable of adding taste and, apparently, relaxing effects to food and drink.

Cannabis food is undoubtedly a growing trend in the last two years, also in Europe and not only in the USA. Several activities have been born that link production not only to classic products like CBD oil or Flowers but also to countless types of Cannabis food that are sold in specialty stores like the Cannabis Store but also in stores like the tobacco shop, and many  stores that we find in many European cities that sell a vast assortment of goods.  A large sorts of Cannabis food it is possible to find out in the Hemp shop like: Cbd Drops, Cbd Chewing gum, Cannabis Lollipop, Cbd Candies, Cannabis Cookies, Marijuana Biscuits , Hashish Chips, Cannabis Chips and Cbd chocolade.

The list go on with some drinks like:  Cannabis Energy drink, Cannabis Tea, Cannabis Beer and arrived just last week Cannabis Milk. Many light cannabis food are in fact already available and are enjoying increasing success. The potential market, beyond any legal implications, appears to be quite profitable. For this reason different producers – even small ones – cannabis food and drinks are considering the opportunity to enter it. Spending on all cannabinoids, including marijuana and its psychoactive THC derivative, is expected to grow to $ 4.1 billion by 2022 from 1.5 billion in 2018.

The data that comes from several economic reports say, Cannabis food market will change profoundly and by 2030 it will be populated with brands of products for domestic use that contain cannabidiol, driven also by the impulse of legalization that is taking place in many countries of the world, with the United States in the lead. This means that we will always consume more cannabis food, cannabis drinks, cosmetics and supplements, sports nutraceuticals, alcohol-free drinks and infusions that contain the active ingredients of cannabis and we will buy them everywhere, even at the supermarket .

Harvin Cannabis Vending machines pays attention to market demands and is sensitive to the sales of legal cannabis and has accepted this challenge and started marketing a new exclusive product with special features : a Cannabis food vending machine.

Cannabis food and drinks in most cases they are preserved to temperature changes and can easily alter if stored in an unsuitable environment this prevents them from being sold in all places and in all hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Harvin for the cannabis food and drink sector has designed a Vendig Machine called Master Revolution that optimizes the temperature in the various trays, thus obtaining an ideal environment for the sale and temperature-controlled preservation of Cannbis foods based.

cannabis and snacks vending machine

Our Master Revolution was presented at the International Hemp Fair Indica Sativa held in Bologna in April 2019 the ideal time to present to the general public of legal Cannabis an indispensable tool for the hot summer. Many customers have opted to appreciate the technical innovations that Master Revolution presents as the lift that takes the products to an easy height for picking, and therefore you can sell products with fragile packages and you can even sell products with glass containers, so much difficult for other vending machines. Another innovation much appreciated by operators in the Cannabis Food sector is the product opening door with IR sensors control, that allow you to check each withdrawal safely.

Master Revolution includes all the payments system like coin validator with change giver and bank note readers fitted as standard. In addition there is a version that can be implemented with a contacless credit card reader, very convenient for payment through all major electronic money circuits. All the products housed inside are kept in the ideal temperature to be served fresh and to preserve the intact and unique taste that all cannabis-based foods must have. With Master Revolution all this is possible in our hot summer. What’s better than an fresh and relaxing food?