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disposable electronic cigarette vending machine


Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vending Machine


The Baby E-Vapor 18 Touch vending machine specially designed for electronic cigarette liquids and disposable electronic cigarettes is a versatile vending machine that is well suited for window or wall-mounted outdoor installations. It can be equipped with a weatherproof canopy.

The Baby E-vapor 18 is suitable for all businesses without exclusion, as its total storage capacity corresponds to 240 products.

The Baby E-vapor 18 touch is the best-selling vending machine in Europe in the vaping sector and remains a flagship of our commercial proposition, indispensable for businesses like yours that want to grow rapidly in the sector.

The internal columns for dispensing products are customised by Harvin according to your needs.

Did you know that we can also customise it with your own graphics and logo? Ask a sales representative what Harvin can do for you.

For this product, our company provides delivery and installation. Feel free to contact us for the information and details you require.

E-Vapor Baby Touch 18:

  • H: 124 cm
  • W: 70 cm
  • D: 40 cm


  • H: 60 cm
  • W: 70 cm
  • D: 40 cm
  • Available in 18 selections
  • 21″ Vandal-proof Touch Monitor
  • Banknote Reader
  • ID card reader for minor access (OPTIONAL)
  • Self-refilling coin returner
  • Thermal printer for refund receipt
  • Audible alarm on front door
  • Armoured coin insertion
  • Anti-theft vent
  • Double front lock
  • Double front and rear door
  • LED front lighting as standard
  • Voice guidance for purchase
  • Multilingual guide for purchase
  • Remote control dashboard included for one year
  • Credit card reader (OPTIONAL)
  • Personalised graphics (OPTIONAL)
  • Personalised weather protection canopy with lettering (OPTIONAL)
  • Power supply 220V- Power consumption 200W

Your Company Logo, Colors and Design!

What clients say?

“I have been thinking about the vending machine solution for a while to offer an additional service to my shop, which is why I chose Harvin’s Magic Wind cannabis vending machine. Forty product selections allow me to greatly increase the offer to my customers, plus it is a touch screen machine with practical, intuitive and fast software. The technicians have created a custom installation with backlit panels that, especially in the evening, catch the eye of passers-by. Harvin’s Magic Wind vending machine has been a great buy”.

Harvin's Magic Wind vending machine
CAPECE ALESSANDRO Casal Grande Reggio Emilia

“I decided to purchase Harvin’s “Magic baby touch” 18 selection hemp vending machine first of all to provide a 24-hour self-service to my customers. In fact, within a few days of installation, I noticed that not only were my regular customers buying from the vending machine, but it was also attracting new customers. Thanks to Harvin’s Magic Baby touch vending machine I have increased my sales even more! Yes, I would definitely recommend it”.

Harvin's "Magic baby touch"
RIGHI ERIK Passignano sul Trasimento Perugia

“Before purchasing Harvin’s “Magic Baby” vending machine I had many concerns that the profits would not cover the cost of the machine. Actually I was wrong, Harvin’s Magic Baby vending machine for the sale of cannabis and CBD has been an excellent investment. The experienced Harvin salesman gave me the best advice during the purchasing process and the technicians took care of the installation with great precision. I am satisfied with my Harvin’s Magic Baby vending machine!”

Cannabis Store Amsterdam (Verona) Ofelia Maciuca Verona

“The installation of Harvin’s new “Magic Baby” vending machine for the sale of legal hemp was a real turning point for my business. It immediately caught the eye of passers-by and sales have increased. Magic Baby vending machine, with 18 product selections is a practical and functional tool, that after a reasonable investment helped me to increase my income and now I can offer my products 24 hours a day every day of the week. I am very happy, I recommend Harvin to everyone!”

Magic Baby Vending machine

“I was looking for a reliable company to buy a weed vending machine in order to turn my CBD business into a 24-hour shop, and after researching on social media and search engines I chose to contact Harvin, as they seemed the most professional weed vending machines company. It is a winning choice that has considerably increased my sales. The income I get monthly from the distributor allows me to earn much more than I would if I only sold during the shop’s opening hours. If I should suggest to someone where to buy a weed vending machine, I would not hesitate to recommend Harvin!”