Harvin Hanfautomat: The Weed Vending Machine of choice in Central Europe

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It has been a while since we first talked about hanfautomat in our blog, when we wanted to share with our readers the success Harvin was having on the other side of the Alps from where Harvin’s headquarters are located, in Brescia. For those who forgot, hanfautomat is the word in German language for weed distributor – the combination of “hanf” (hemp) and “automat” (practically, “vending machine”, or also just “automatic distributor”, as the automat term is used also for ATMs).

When we wrote that article a couple of years ago we were just starting to distribute our line of weed vending machines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Switzerland we actually started a distribution partnership with our friends from Edel Hemp Switzerland, a major distributor of legal cannabis and CBD products all across Switzerland. The guys at Edel Hemp Switzerland used to be our clients, then after getting a large number of Harvin weed vending machines branded with the Edel Hemp Switzerland logo, decided to start distributing hanfautomat weed vending machines across the entire Switzerland. At the end of the day, their weed vending machine distribution side business turned out to really boost their revenue bottom line and became their main core business, as they also mention on their testimonials featured on the home page of our website.

Get inspired by our friends, clients and distributors at Edel Hemp Switzerland, and start distributing our hanfautomat weed vending machines in your region, just get in touch with our team and let’s start working together. If you are interested in such an opportunity to expand your business horizons as a Harvin partner in the weed vending machine growing business, read this article we wrote a few months ago for more details: Want to be our cannabis vending machine distribution partner? Work with us! 

A lot of things have happened since that old blog post about hanfautomat (including covid) and today Harvin and our weed vending machines have become pretty popular in all German speaking countries, the weed vending machine of choice for the prime players of the legal cannabis and CBD industry.

One of the other possible reasons for our success, specially in Germany, must have been our participation to Mary Jane Berlin 2019, the cutting edge cannabis trade show that animates Berlin for a full weekend during the month of June. Our participation to Mary Jane Berlin was an amazing adventure in itself, and we wrote about it back then right after coming back from the trade show, but over time it turned out that besides the fun, Berlin has also been a fantastic trampoline for our hanfautomat weed vending machines business and distribution across Central Europe.

Not only Switzerland and Germany! Our team spent the last couple of years touring the entire Central Europe and getting more and more customers and local distribution partners, and  has also been participating as exhibitor to pretty much all the major legal cannabis, hemp and CBD fairs and trade shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic, making our entire line of weed vending machines more and more popular not only at Mary Jane Berlin, but also at Cultiva in Wien (Austria), at CannaTrade in Bern (Switzerland), at CannaFest in Prague (Czech Republic) and at all the major cannabis fairs across Europe.

The real reasons for the big success ou our hanfautomat, besides of Harvin’s proactivity and attention to the evolutions of the international markets of legal cannabis and CBD products, has been the fact that the German speaking countries, as well as many Central European countries, have really embraced the green economy of legal cannabis and all hemp and CBD derivatives. All local Central European legal cannabis and CBD markets have been booming during at least the last three years. In Italy we have had a boom in ecommerce, delivery and weed vending machine sales of legal cannabis and CBD products only recently, back in march-june 2020, “thanks” to the covid lockdowns, while in the rest of Europe the local legal cannabis and CBD industries were booming way before the pandemic.

The legal cannabis and CBD market is very evolved today all over Europe, to the point that you can now find any sort of products at your local grow shop, cannabis store, or favorite cannabis ecommerce website. Our weed vending machines have been evolving alongside with the market and today can feature, distribute and sell all those products of the “new green industry” that are selling fast across the entire Europe (and North American countries): legal cannabis flowers of any kind, CBD oils, tinctures and extracts, CBD creams and cosmetics, hemp, CBD and cannabis based food products (the so called “edibles”), and a wide range of cold cannabis, hemp and CBD drinks.

If you are planning on selling cannabis and CBD products that need refrigeration, or even offer “regular” sodas and drinks to those who come to buy their legal weed, you should check out Master Revolution, our refrigerated weed vending machine that is our top of the line product, or Master Mix, the latest add to the Harvin hanfautomat product line, a refrigerated slave module that can be easily coupled with any of our cannabis vending machines with touch screen technology.

All Harvin hanfautomat weed vending machines are guaranteed for safety and ease of use, come with an ID card reader, a credit and debit card reader and a touch screen display, and can be fully customized to reflect the color, logo and brand message. The system is managed by a software localized for pretty much all European countries, and of course also for all German speaking countries! Our clients can always count on the prompt support from the Harvin technical team whenever it is needed, for installation and ongoing assistance – but the reality is that our hanfautomat need very little assistance, as our weed vending machines are very sturdy and resilient, and the weed distributors’ operating software is updated remotely.

Want to grow and expand your business horizons by extending your sales up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to one or more hanfautomat weed vending machines! Contact harvin today, and our professional expert team will study and select with you the best solutions to suit your business location and goals, and will help you choose the right weed vending machine from our full line of weed distributors.

Follow Harvin on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on Harvin, so you can also intercept our team at the next participation to the major cannabis fairs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central Europe, all recently announced for the 2021-2022 season, after more than one year of pandemic break for the cannabis industry (and the rest of the world).

We will soon announce our 2021-2022 calendar of participation in all major European cannabis trade shows, so if you follow the Harvin blog too you’ll be one of the first to know when we’ll be around central Europe with our hanfautomat weed vending machines! There will also be some surprises, so stay tuned!

Are you in a hurry to see your business grow, and cannot really wait for Harvin to stroll by your area for the local cannabis trade show? Then contact us straight away, and we’ll get in touch with you ready to answer all your questions about our weed vending machines, that soon will become your favorite business extension.