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Nowadays, in many commercial establishments we can see the presence of automatic checkouts, which allow you to insert money to pay for the desired products and receive change. We can find them in the most diverse places such as restaurants, bars, tobacco shops and even in some supermarkets or shops. The automatic checkout is particularly useful as it eliminates the possibility of error between customer and operator, thus making the purchasing process quick and easy. There are different types of automatic checkouts: some allow only the insertion of money while others, which are more advanced and technological, are equipped with a large touch monitor on which it is possible to choose the product one wishes to purchase. In this way, the customer can have a clear view of all the products available and can decide for himself what he wants to consume. This provides a quick and smooth service, which leaves the customer with a positive perception and a feeling of perfect autonomy. In addition, there are other advantages that the automatic checkout offers, for example: it eliminates change errors, clears queues and congestion at the checkout and is clear and easily accessible to everyone.

We at Harvin have grasped the potential of automatic checkouts and have therefore thought of introducing them into another sector that is developing enormously nowadays, namely that of automatic shops. Vending machines make it possible to create a point of sale consisting exclusively of vending machines available 24 hours a day, which can offer a wide range of different products such as: snacks, soft drinks, everyday products, hemp, electronic cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes and related accessories.

But how does an automatic checkout work in a self 24 shop? Our Unika automatic checkout allows the control of numerous Slave modules: these are vending machines without payment methods that act as a warehouse containing all products for sale. There are various types of Slave modules depending on the type of product you wish to sell. The Unika automatic checkout handles these modules and, via its touch monitor, allows the customer to make the product selection. On the monitor, the customer can see the entire list of available products and can choose what he wishes to purchase. Once the selection has been made, the customer simply proceeds to pay by cash or credit card. A key aspect of our Unika automatic checkout is that it can handle several Slaves, therefore if you wish to expand the range of products offered, you can easily purchase an additional Slave module.

But there is much more! Today, it is necessary to have a more complete sales system in order to differentiate oneself from the competitors! In this regard, Harvin has created an online platform called Smart Dashboard that allows you to remotely manage both your automatic checkout and your vending machines, but also to carry out numerous marketing operations. On the platform you can check the number of products remaining in your Slaves and can know at a glance if a product is out of stock. In addition, you can keep track of sales and takings with the accounting function and you can customise the Unika automatic checkout monitor with images and videos.

The even more interesting aspect are the marketing tools: you will be able to apply targeted and specific discounts for each vending machine or for a specific product category; you will also be able to decide to give a product as a gift through the purchase of another product, which you have predetermined; finally, you will be able to create QR-codes to which you will assign a percentage or value discount: all you have to do is send the QR-code to your customers or publish it on your social media channels! Customers only have to go to the vending machine and scan the QR-code to receive the discount reserved for them. In this way, you can create targeted and different discounts for each occasion, thereby building customer loyalty! You will then have a real sales system!

Our online Smart Dashboard platform can also be used for all our Touch vending machines as well as our Unika Base and Unika top automatic checkouts.

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