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Automatic Project

Do you want to invest in a self 24 automatic project but don’t know where to start? In this article we will explain how to do it and what are the main and fundamental steps.

In order to be able to set up an automated shop, which will prove to be a fundamental turning point for your business, you do not need a special licence. You only need a VAT number and the first step is taken. Your automated project will be effective and useful for sales depending on the products you decide to sell. In fact, if you want to sell soft drinks or snacks, you will necessarily need some food-related details.

But what is a self 24 automatic project?

The automatic project is a true 24/7 shop made up of a series of vending machines, which allow you to buy products inside them whenever you wish. The products can be endless, the only limit you can have is your imagination. They start from the classics with hot or cold drinks, snacks and treats, to vending machines selling hemp, stationery, health or pharmaceutical products and so on.

The automatic shop, by definition, does not require a sales person and the entire payment process is automatic. If your vending machine is innovative and intelligent, like the ones you can find in the line produced by Harvin, selling will be easy and fun for customers. The vending machine is able to autonomously make a payment, dispense the selected product and, if necessary, return the change in currency. Nowadays, vending machines are becoming more and more modern and technological, just think of new integrative and convergent payment methods (credit card, debit card, satispay, apple pay, google pay…) or simply the fact that many are made with touch screen technology, like the ones you can find at Harvin.

In any case, Harvin helps you choose your initial investment in your self 24 automatic project based on your choice of vending machine or the product you want to sell within it. Harvin’s self 24 automatic project with our vending machines is based on 25 years of experience in the vending industry, the more attractive and innovative you are, the more you do not have to fear the competition. Reaching customers with the self 24 automatic project designed by Harvin has an important economic return, nothing is left to chance, from the graphics to the composition and configuration of the vending machines, one step ahead of everyone always!

What do you think? Have we convinced you to open a self-service 24-hour shop? Would you like to contact us for more information? Do so without obligation and one of our sales managers will answer your questions. However, this is not the end of the story, because we at Harvin have the solution for you. If you are still undecided about buying more vending machines so that you can invest and create your own automated project, linger a little longer in this article.

Harvin has been manufacturing vending machines for a good 25 years, making us the European leader for certain types of machines. As you may have already realised some time ago, we have a great deal of potential with our highly trained and competent team in both technology and production and in setting up your self24 automatic project. For years we have been setting up shops and service areas integrating automatic projects throughout Europe for entrepreneurs and investors, so we can guide you to the best choice.

Automatic Project

How to create a self 24 automatic project? Some useful tips.

First of all, you have to choose to differentiate yourself from the competition and sell high-value products and sought-after by customers. This could be hemp, electronic cigarettes or the much sought-after disposable devices, or more specialised products such as collectibles, children’s toys, adult items, nutritional supplements or, why not, the very popular bitcoins, along with cryptocurrencies.

To do this, you necessarily need to understand which products are the trend of the moment and which, on the other hand, you can find anywhere. Once you have decided and selected the articles you want to sell, all you need to do is find a suitable location for your self 24 vending project. The ideal is always to install vending machines in locations with a large number of people or tourist attractions, easily accessible either by car or on foot. Remember not to choose locations near competitors, unless you are selling completely different and original products.

When you have chosen the place of installation, it is necessary to inquire about purchasing or renting and to activate all the bureaucratic documents in order to comply with local regulations and legislation. Now you must move on to the choice of vending machines. You can choose whether to buy a completely new or used vending machine, whether to buy it or rent it. This may seem like an important strategic choice, perhaps a complex one as there are many differences in the states of the European Union and there are many companies to turn to. In reality, you only need to turn to a serious and competent company, with a structured after-sales service that really exists, that can support you and direct you to the best solution at all times, all this you can find here at Harvin.

In this regard, if you should choose to work with us, we will be able to give you all the necessary information, help you with the opening of your vending machine shop, and advise you on the right vending machines for your chosen products. We offer competent and quick assistance, but above all, thanks to the high technology of our vending machines, we can help you directly from remote thanks to an advanced connection and telemetry implemented by Harvin vending machines.

So, is it worth opening an automatic shop? Just think that nowadays you create the customers! Think of all those who want to have the classic midnight snack in the summertime with friends, those who have run out of cigarettes and are perhaps also looking for hemp so they go to a vending machine to buy them, others who are about to have a romantic evening but are ashamed to get condoms in pharmacies.

I bet you are wondering if it is worth it and how much your new self 24 automated project will yield. Without thinking twice about it, the initial investment is definitely worthwhile, but by far profitable, easy and quick to amortise with a VERY attractive net daily yield.

Automatic Project

We can say by far that the work of running an automatic shop is certainly simple and undemanding, so you can also do it as a second business. The location, the products you choose and your target will bring you to success! Harvin helps you choose. You can make your new automatic self 24 project an easy, fun and profitable job.

The time commitment is minimal, both for the maintenance of the vending machines and for the supply of the products inside. Harvin’s self 24 automatic project is waiting for you and if you think it is too much work for you we can prove that the opposite is true, what are you waiting for to write or contact us for the necessary information?

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