Automatic shops in 2024

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In many respects, automatic shops are an expression of the transformation of the retail landscape in recent years, in which convenience, efficiency and customer experience have become top priorities: we no longer think in terms of ‘vending machines’ but of intelligent, personalised points of sale that overcome some of the limitations of traditional shops.

With the spread of digital technologies, an automatic shop can offer highly interactive and engaging shopping experiences: in this article we offer a comprehensive overview of the opportunities offered by their evolution in the current global market context.


Automatic shops are automated outlets that offer a wide range of products or services without the need for direct human assistance. These shops are equipped with advanced technologies such as sensors, cameras, barcode readers and electronic payment systems to enable users to make purchases independently.

The variety of products available in vending machines can range from snacks and beverages to consumer products, cosmetics, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals and much more, depending on the type of shop and its location.

Vending machines are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and 24/7 availability. They can be placed in high-traffic locations such as railway stations, airports, universities, shopping centres or inside corporate buildings to meet the needs of users quickly and efficiently: in effect, they represent an innovative solution in the modern retail landscape and an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in exploring new businesses.


The question is: what differentiates a vending machine from an automatic shop?

Certainly, the user experience plays a central role.

Customisation is a key element, particularly in relation to the interface: a customised interface not only improves customer satisfaction, but also makes it easier and more efficient to use the machines, paving the way for additional functionality.

In parallel, security remains a key aspect. Automatic shops integrate document reading technologies, advanced sensors and secure payment systems to ensure secure transactions and greater user comfort.

The combination of personalisation and security creates a comfortable and reliable shopping environment, promoting long-term customer trust and loyalty. The implementation of new technologies is the key to moving automatic shops towards a future where the user experience is at the centre of the business strategy, ensuring satisfaction, efficiency and security for all parties involved.

And with the most advanced vending machines, this trend is set to continue for a long time to come.


New technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have the potential to transform the automated shop experience.

AI is likely to be used to analyse large amounts of data in real time, enabling entrepreneurs to better understand user behaviour, predict shopping preferences and tailor offers in a targeted manner.

The IoT enables connectivity and interaction between devices within the automatic shop. Smart sensors monitor stock in real time, optimising inventory levels and reducing waste. In addition, IoT enables remote control of devices, facilitating preventive maintenance and reducing downtime.

The combined implementation of these and other emerging technologies has the potential to transform automated shops into increasingly intelligent and responsive environments, capable of dynamically adapting to customer needs and market conditions.


In Italy, the concept of automatic shops is finding fertile ground: the coming years will be characterised by challenges and opportunities.

The main challenge will be in the choice of the right machines, thinking in terms of investment and not savings at any cost: the success of automatic shops is based on the choice of safe and functional vending machines, capable of conveying the advantages offered by the latest technologies and responding to the needs of users and entrepreneurs.

These challenges also lead to interesting opportunities.

Technological evolution will result in greater process automation, reducing operating costs and increasing profit margins. Advanced data analysis will enable a better understanding of customer behaviour and market trends, supporting more informed strategic decisions.

The future of automated shops will depend on the industry’s ability to address these challenges proactively, capitalising on the opportunities offered by new technologies to deliver increasingly innovative and satisfying shopping experiences for customers.

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