Cannabis Light and Pizza? A perfect combination, just ask our clients!

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cannabis pizza

Pizza has always been one of the favorite munchies among cannabis lovers, and as Italians we can just agree, as we love pizza under any circumstances. The combination of pizza and cannabis is so good that a South-African pizza chain made some viral news at the beginning of the summer when they announced that they would have included in their menu two different pizzas made with CDB oil. To make every customer happy, the South-African pizza company also offers a “splash” of CBD oil a san optional ingredient in any other pizza of their menu.

Even if it’s not broadly advertised, also Italy the cannabis aficionados have experienced very yummy cannabis pizzas. We at Harvin certainly did, as every major cannabis trade show in Italy, from Naples to Milan, Bologna and Rome, had one or more cannabis pizza vendors at the trade shows’ food areas. We still haven’t tried a CBD pizza, but we have to tell that the cannabis pizza we hate, made with hemp flour as main ingredient, has always been up to our Italian standards of pizza yumminess.

Even if your favorite pizza has no CBD of hemp flour among its ingredients, we can still promise that the combination of our favorite food and our favorite plant still is a match made in heaven. Just try it, and let us know, we invite you to share your cannabis pizza (or cannabis and pizza) experience on the Harvin fan page on Facebook!

The heavenly match of pizza and cannabis didn’t go unnoticed by one of our latest clients, Christian Ropelato, the owner of Pizza Express, a pizza joint in Castel Ivano, a beautiful medieval town of Valsugana, in the northern province of Trento (Italy). Christian got in touch with us at the beginning of the summer, and after just a couple of meetings to figure out his needs in terms of cannabis vending machines, our expert technical team provided Christian and his business with one of the most popular among Harvin’s cannabis vending machines, the slim yet powerful Magic Baby 18.

Listen to what Christian have to say about his experience with us and our cannabis vending machines:

A few months ago I introduced legal cannabis products in my shop, and I didn’t know how to do it in order to be able to offer these legal cannabis products every day as my shop is only open from late afternoon until evening, and we are closed for two days per week.

I have found Harvin on social media, I contacted them, and they immediately offered the ideal solution for my business. A Magic Baby 18 legal cannabis vending machine, compact and easy to attach to the wall. Thanks Harvin for bringing me the best solution for my business!

We were so happy about Christian’s feedback about us and our products, that we asked him to get us a pictures of himself with his brand new Harvin cannabis vending machine, and we published his testimonial on the home page of the Harvin website.

We recently checked with Christian, and we are happy to hear that he had a very successful summer business season, also thanks to our help. As Christian stated, his problem was that he couldn’t run his business in person every day due to the opening hours of his pizza shop but, thanks to our cannabis vending machine that operates automatically day and night, 24 hours a day, he has been able to extend his business hours to the max. As we like to say here at Harvin, we have helped Christian and his shop to expand his business horizons!

Christian’s choice in terms of cannabis vending machines, Harvin’s Magic Baby 18, is definitely one of our most popular automatic vending machines for selling legal cannabis products. Slim, light yet powerful, is a vending machine that fits small places, can easily be installed on a wall, as well as on a shop window, and that requires very little maintenance – which, by the way, is part of the commitment the Harvin technical team offers with each installation.

Discover all the advantages of the Magic Baby 18 cannabis vending machine on our website, you’ll be surprised by how powerful this little machine is. It features a double door, one on the front side and one on the back, for an easier way to load products. The Magic Baby 18’s banknote reader accepts 5, 10 and 20 Euros bills and can also be adapted to operate with other currencies, and of course our cannabis vending machine includes a card reader to validate the sale only to users who are at least 18 years old.

Among the other advantages featured by the Magic Baby 18 as well as by all of Harvin’s cannabis vending machines, there is a thermal printer to issue tickets for the change or to report a failed product withdrawal, an anti-vandalism coin slot and steel push buttons with LEDs and seals to protect the selections. Our Magic Baby 18 can also be fully customized in terms of front design to match the logo and image of our clients. Our cannabis vending machine is a little jewel, and we are very proud of it – and so are our happy clients!

Come to our website to find out more about Magic Baby 18 and our entire line of cannabis vending machines, or just get in touch with us as Christian did, and we’ll help you straight away with your business needs.

And if you stroll by Castel Ivano don’t forget to visit Christian at Pizza Express to try one of his yummy pizzas! They might not be cannabis pizzas made with CBD oil or hemp flour, but we can confirm that they are very yummy indeed! You can easily do the pizza-cannabis match anyway while you wait for your pizza to be ready by simply getting your favorite legal cannabis products from our vending machine installed right outside Christian’s shop!

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