The best time of the year to upgrade your shop with a cannabis vending machine? Christmas, of course!

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What is the best time of the year to upgrade your business and your business location with an automatic cannabis vending machines? Christmas, of course! Did you know that, all around the world, the Christmas Holidays are one of the peak times in terms of cannabis consumption? Just a couple of days ago, an article of the Californian newspaper LA Times was actually reporting that this year weed and cannabis extracts, CDB products and vape pens pre-loaded with THC and CBD products and derivatives are going to be the most diffused christmas present in California.

But the Christmas holidays season is also when many would like to take a break from work, to take a few days off to dedicate some time to themselves and their families, friends, and why not? Maybe also to fly for a little vacation in a sunny place for New Years’ Eve.

So this is the struggle and the dilemma… will you renounce your holidays to keep your shop open, or will you take a few days off work, renouncing to the possibility of getting new clients and losing potential business? Well, the solution lies somewhere in the middle, as you can upgrade your business and expand your sales horizons by getting a cannabis vending machine that will be in full operation, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, while you and your family take those very well deserved end of the year holidays.

Contact Harvin today , we will be working for the entire holiday season, of course giving all our employees a few holiday shifts, but we are getting organized in a way that both our commercial and technical / installation teams can be always available for our clients. Our offices will be closed only on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

So just get in touch with us for information , and to get great professional advice by the Harvin team, that will suggest which of the many cannabis vending machines of the Harvin line could be the best choice for your business, your business location and for the additional revenues goals that you want to achieve thanks to the installation of a cannabis vending machine.

Will you get one the most popular cannabis vending machines with full touch screen, such as our Magic Baby Touch , the Magic Hour Touch or Magic Wind Touch cannabis vending machines? Or will you prefer our basic but super reliable Magic Baby , our most popular product by far? Are you planning on distributing and selling cannabis, hemp and CBD based food, drinks or cosmetics? Then your right choice should be our refrigerated cannabis vending machine Master Revolution, or maybe just our refrigerate Master Mix slave module, that you can connect with any other machine and module within the Harvin line of cannabis vending

Just contact our team , and we’ll figure out together the best solution for your business and your business location. Enjoy your holidays in complete relax, and make the best Christmas gift to yourself and to your business: get one or more Harvin cannabis vending machines.

We wish to all our customers, partners and friends a very merry christmas, happy holidays and a fantastic New Year . Our editorial and social media teams will be taking a few days off, and our next blog article will see the light at the beginning of January 2020!

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