Our Most Popular Automatic Legal Cannabis Vending Machine: Magic Baby Touch

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It’s no surprise that Magic Baby Touch has become the most popular and most required hemp distributor in the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines. Before introducing the touch screen video, Magic Baby was our best selling hemp vending machine, and the good old Magic Baby still goes strong, also because it never gets old, thanks to the constant updates in both the machine and its software. But then we added a touch screen for the product selection and general user interaction, and the sales of our vending machines of new line of “Touch” immediately went popular.

Before entering into the details of the touch screen, let’s review all the features of Magic Baby Touch. First of all, our vending machine is equipped with a card reader to validate the age of the client, and that recognizes and accept all major valid and legal ID cards from all over Europe: personal IDs, driver’s license, residence permits and health/sanitary cards. The cannabis distributor can be optionally equipped with a credit card reader that accepts all valid credit and debit cards, including prepaid credit cards and private credit cards of any technology: magnetic band, digital chip or contactless technology.

The software that manages the card readers also manages the touch screen display, and the good news is that it doesn’t need much maintenance, getting upgraded by the Harvin technical team remotely on a regular basis, without the need of interrupting operations. Even during scheduled maintenance routines the cannabis vending machine will continue to operate, allowing business owners to expand their business horizons thanks to a virtual shop open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Magic Baby Touch’s touch screen display is intuitive and clear, thanks to the possibility of upload through the management dashboard photos or graphic images representing the product. The same management dashboard allows to include text info next to the product image, from the basic product description info to potential reminders of promotions accessible through the same cannabis vending machine, and to access details of the dedicated vending machine account, and modify in detail the arrangement of the product icons, change the description of the product, set new prices and sales prices, and more.

The brightness of the touch screen display is set automatically to allow a comfortable buying experience for the user, but can be easily augmented or lowered according to the preferences of the shop owner.

Magic Baby Touch, like all cannabis vending machines of the Harvin product line, is equipped with highly technological components which are specific to the vending machine sector and are produced by certified suppliers. One of these is the change-giver coin mechanism, a coin validator that allows the detection of the different denominations of the coins inserted, and counts the coins through sensors. Then the coins are automatically separated by denomination and counted. Manual coin counting is not required.

Our legal cannabis distributor is also pretty popular due to its compact size, measuring only 125 cms in height, 70 cms in width, and 39 cms in depth in its basic version, that can be easily installed on a wall or in a shop window. If the hemp distributor needs to be positioned on the ground, and potentially to be moved, then with its custom base our Magic Baby Touch “grows” just 60 cms, reaching a total height of 185 cm.

Even if Magic Baby Touch is a compact legal cannabis distributor, it is possible to sell any kind of cannabis, hemp and CBD related product, no matter of its size. Our cannabis vending machine features a variable modular space that allows to sell products of different sizes thanks to the design of columns of various types and dimensions, that adapt to various product shapes and sizes. Harvin provides its customers with various boxes of various sizes in which products can be inserted, and that perfectly fit the columns. In case the customer needs to stock up, we can sell and also customize the boxes with the client’s branding images.

Talking about branding, of course the entire cannabis vending machine can be completely customized with the wrapping technique, including the customers’ logos and branding imagery. Can you imagine how the cannabis distributor will look like with your logo and design on it? It will definitely look good on that corners of your shop, or inserted in your shop window to operate day and night.

There’s nothing easier, just ask Harvin. We customize for customers our cannabis vending machines on a regular basis, and we have partnered with a quality print shop that knows our exact machines’ sizes and specifications, does a fantastic job with the graphics and the print quality, and grant us a special partner prize, so we can offer our clients the custom version of their cannabis vending machine at a very competitive price.

If you want more information about Magic Baby Touch or any of our Harvin cannabis vending machines, contact us to talk to our team, and ask us to come visit you at your store to talk about how we can help you upgrade your business with one or more of our cannabis vending machines, and to evaluate together which type of weed vending machines fits more your business goals and your physical shop location.

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