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disponsable electronic cigarette vending machine

What is the disposable electronic cigarette vending machine?

Nowadays, many young people consider that being trendy is a key factor in feeling part of a group. In this respect, the trend of disposable electronic cigarettes, the so-called ‘puff’ or ‘pod mod’, has recently broken out.

This exponential use and consumption of disposable electronic cigarettes has led to an unexpected increase in sales. However, this novelty has not caught us unprepared, in fact.
And that is where we at Harvin come in.

In fact, first of all, we launched the new disposable electronic cigarette vending machine on the market.

Thanks to our innovative and competent team, we were able to create a vending machine with specific dispensers patented directly in our company. Since each disposable electronic cigarette has different dimensions and therefore different packaging depending on the model, we at Harvin were able to adapt the columns inside the vending machine to the exact size you need!

But why are we so confident of such success?
Simple, our customers have reported to us that the disponsables represent more than half of their sales. For this reason, the demand for vending machines with customised dispensers has increased dramatically (about 1 in 4 customers).

What are the advantages of owning a disposable electronic cigarette vending machine?

First of all, before being overtaken by the competition from day one, you had better contact us in order to have your disposable electronic cigarette vending machine.

By now it is well known that vending machines are useful because they do not need auxiliary staff to work, they cash and dispense change autonomously and, above all, they help to increase your customer base through optimal service that is present and continuous 24/7 without limits.
Precisely for this reason, we at Harvin believe that nowadays you have to be one step ahead of the competition and with Harvin you can always be.



Let’s see now some important data about the electronic cigarette consumption. As reported by the Italian National Institute of Health in a survey carried out shortly after the pandemic, the sale of heated tobacco cigarettes is growing steadily and strongly, with an increase of 1089% since 2017 when they appeared on the market. Sales of e-cigs have also increased by 616% since 2017. For this very reason, owning a disposable e-cigarette vending machine will make you innovative and original. Harvin designed the first e-cigarette vending machine back in 2014.

disponsable electronic cigarette vending machine

It is difficult to find a vending machine on the street that can dispense everything a customer wants or needs at that moment, however if we follow today’s data and demands, it is very useful and convenient to follow the trends of the moment, such as the use of disposable electronic cigarettes.

With regard to age, like most things that are harmful to health (physical or mental), these disposable electronic cigarettes are also banned to persons under 18 years of age.
In fact, they are to be considered as real cigarettes as they contain a percentage of nicotine which is harmful to health, in particular to the cardiovascular system. But not only that, they could also lead to carcinogenicity of the respiratory tract.

Therefore, you do not have to worry if you fear that someone might buy illegally.
With Harvin’s disposable electronic cigarette vending machines, you have no problem: the customer has to insert his or her ID in order to make the purchase.

As disposable devices are common worldwide, you can also decide to install a European ID card reader so that you do not miss the opportunity to sell to a tourist who has come to your country on holiday.

Let us summarise what Harvin has therefore designed for you:

– An innovative dispensing system so that you can sell your disposable electronic cigarettes of any brand or size with complete freedom;

– There is an age check to prevent purchase by anyone under 18 years of age in all our disposable electronic cigarette vending machines;

– Harvin also gives you the possibility to choose from a variety of column types (designed for different fields over the years) to fit inside the same vending machine;

– The range of vending machines that can have this new technology is as you can see published on our website www.harvin.eu in the section -vending machines- .

Many of our customers have chosen us because of our professionalism, the solutions we offer and the reliability of our vending machines. 

So now you have no more excuses! Harvin has created a completely new device for you that will allow you to sell fashionable products at a high remunerative value and take advantage of the moment to increase your sales even more.

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