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disposable ecig vending machine

What are the disposable electronic cigarette?

Nowadays, being trendy is considered by many young people to be a key factor in feeling part of a group. In this respect, the trend of disposable electronic cigarettes, the so-called ‘puff’ or ‘pod mod’, has recently broken out.

But what exactly are these devices? Puffs are disposable electronic cigarettes, i.e. pre-loaded disposable vape devices containing liquids of particular flavours and aromas. The most common are fruit flavours, such as mango, watermelon, apple, tropical fruits, berries, but also vanilla, tobacco, menthol, up to more sophisticated ones such as cappuccino, champagne, biscuit or nut.

These disposable electronic cigarettes are to be regarded as real ecigs. However, unlike the latter, they cannot be refilled (by means of classic liquids, for example), but have a limited charge, which can range from 200 to 1500 hits. Thus, the lifetime of this disposable electronic cigarette does not depend on how long you have it, but on whether you use it continuously or sporadically. The more it is used, the shorter its lifetime will be and vice versa. Most consumers use it as an alternative to the classic cigarette, others as a real smoking cessation device, or again for pure pleasure.

How can you earn money with the disposable electronic cigarette?

It is now a constant battle between companies manufacturing these devices, as they can be found at affordable prices or, on the contrary, exaggerated. But it all depends on the quality, of course.
In fact, you can find thousands of them on the internet. It is up to the customer to decide what amount of money he or she is willing to spend, although it is definitely better to consider the purchase by investing a little more money so as not to end up with problems with sub-standard devices.

Thanks to Harvin, from today you can also earn money as we have patented the new disposable electronic cigarette vending machine for you. By now, demand has increased disproportionately and even unexpectedly. Yes, unexpected, but not for us. As you well know, since disposable electronic cigarettes can vary in size, shape and height, their containers vary, and not by a little. In fact, right from the start we decided to set to work on the idealisation of the new dispenser capable of dispensing all the different packaging. That is why the increase in sales of these devices did not take us by surprise, quite the contrary. So how to make money with disposable cigarettes? Only at Harvin can you find your vending machine with adjustable columns for the correct dispensing of a disposable electronic cigarette. Being constantly on the lookout for a new source of income involves chasing trends.

But what is the average smoker like with these devices? Puffs are described as a means of curbing and diminishing the smoking habit to the point of complete cessation. Can this theory be verified?

Taking into account a survey conducted by EcigIntelligence, one can “partially disprove the claims made by health organisations”. In fact, the organisation posed several questions to a sample of 600 Italians, which allowed them to outline the figure of the average vaper. Statistics (carried out during the first months of the Covid pandemic) show that the average vaper is between 35 and 44 years old, followed by those between 45 and 54. However, nowadays, the percentage of young people smoking disposable e-cigarettes has increased by far, mainly due to fashion. During the pandemic, on the other hand, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 accounted for only 5% of Italian vapers. If we look at the situation in America, on the contrary, these devices have increased dramatically among the very young, who make up the largest percentage of consumers.

The Swiss National Institute of Health again conducted a survey shortly after the pandemic (2021), which reported: “Cigarette sales in 2020 compared to the previous year decreased by 4.5 percentage points. By contrast, sales of shredded cigarettes continued to increase (plus 6.8%). Sales of heated tobacco cigarettes are growing strongly with an increase of 1089% since 2017 when they appeared on the market. Sales of e-cigs also increased by 616% since 2017′.

Exponential growth in purchases

If one were to make a statistic today on these ‘new’ disposable devices, Harvin is willing to bet that their sales have certainly increased in the last period with reference to the latest available data (2020), as up-to-date figures are not yet available. And this is where we at Harvin come in.
Thanks to our innovative and competent team, you can now acquire a real weapon of success. Our vending machines will help you double your earnings in no time.

The demand for these disposable devices has increased exponentially, so much so that the demand for a means of selling them has multiplied throughout the European market.

Don’t be afraid to sell a banned product to underage customers, because at Harvin’s you can install an innovative document reader that is completely up-to-date with all the new European documents. You will therefore have no more problems during a foreign sale, because your new Harvin vending machine will do all the work for you.

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