What should I do if I place the Legal Cannabis Vending Machine in other businesses?

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The widespread use of Legal Cannabis on the market and the growing demand of cannabis-related products from consumers often corresponds to an increase in related business activities such as Hemp Shops, Cannabis Stores, Grow Shops and shops selling through Cannabis Vending Machines.

In Europe in recent years various activities related to the sale of Legal Cannabis have born and grown thanks to the fact that different countries no longer look to Legal Cannabis as a product to be fought but as a development opportunity for several thousand realities that transform Cannabis Legal in countless products to be offered on the market.

One of the most widely used tools for the sale of Legal Cannabis is certainly the Cannabis Vending Machine, that comes in different versions:  Cannabis Vending Machine with Touch Screen, Smart Cannabis Vending Machine, Refrigerated Cannabis Vending Machine and other models of Cannabis vending machines that are available in our range of products. (link to the site must have the products)

In the stores that sell Cannabis-based products, our Legal Cannabis Vending Machines are installed in a window or are wall-mounted to sell cannabis products 24 hours a day. However, Cannabis Vending Machines can be placed in different places such as: commercial activities, bars, pubs, gas stations, and close to major tourist activities with a strong passage of people.


Today we want to focus entrepreneurs should do if they place a Legal Cannabis Vending Machine in other businesses. The answer is very simple, because many of our customers would like to do it, but they do not have the experience and knowledge of what needs to be done to start a sale through a Cannabis Vending Machine with a third party, which is definitely a good business for both the owner of the Cannabis Vending Machine for the venue that hosts it.

For many of our customers who have already made the investment of installing a cannabis vending machine in other commercial activities, their choice have brought considerable advantages, startong with the obvious one of exploiting a high selling place without the investment of opening a Cannabis Store. The investment in purchase some Cannabis Vending Machines can be very advantageous when compared to the investment that needs to be made to open a physical Cannabis Store, in fact you have the possibility of being able to place the Cannabis Vending machine almost everywhere

While this advantage is pretty clear what should I do if I want to place the cannabis vending machine in other businesses? The first thing to do is to prepare an agreemen document that is valid for you as well as for your customer, the business owner of the location where you will be placing your Cannabis Vending Machine.

The agreement document should certify the ownership of the legal cannabis vending machine and the place where it is located, the minimum rental time of the asset and any economic agreement must be declared in the document. Revenue based on the sale of Legal Cannabis products by the cannabis Vending Machine must also be set. This document protects both parties in front of possible disputes or misunderstandings for the exploitation of the place in which the Cannabis Vending machine is placed and guarantees both parts a secure profit.

Harvin advises all customers on the best way to prepare such document, offers collateral consulting service and prepares its customers to face a very important and rich market satisfactions. thanks to our additional consulting services, our slogan “expand your sales horizons” is more relevant than ever.

If you want to explore the enormous sales possibilities that Cannabis Vending Machines can offer, you will always find the Harvin staff available to offer you support. Just contact us and let’s start planning your cannabis vending machine business opportunity.