Merry and Safe Christmas to All our Clients and Friends

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It’s that time of the year again, or is it not? We are not so sure, as this Christmas will be totally different from all the other Christmas we had in our lives, due to the global pandemic, the social distancing, the lockdowns, and the prohibition to gather even in small groups in private homes, go figure having a party with friends, going out to celebrate. Or taking a brief tropical vacation to escape the winter cold, or a skiing trip to places that are actually beautiful even when it’s cold in the winter wonderland.

Forget about travelling, with all the travel abroad bans, and sometimes the impossibility to even move from a county or region to the adjacent one, under the localized lockdown strategy that has been adopted here in Italy.

This year there won’t be any family dinners with grandfathers, but in some cases they will be joining dinner on Zoom and features on the big screen of the living room. There won’t be last minute runs to shopping malls to find a last minute present, nor craft and artisan markets where spending weekends finding that perfect present for that special person. But hey! It’s Christmas! We are sure you can see the good side of it even under the circumstances!

Maybe, for once, it would be nice to have a comfy Christmas dinner with your strict family, rather than being sucked in the tourist traps of all the crowded major tourist destinations worldwide, among long lines and levitating travel expenses. Also, maybe it’s good to be sustainable for one year and not indulge too much in the commercial craziness of Christmas shopping, that will probably be replaced by safer online shopping.

You will finally have the time to read a book, and to check out that amazing series on Netflix or Amazon, binging all those late three / four seasons at once. Or you can get creative, and start some nice project you can finally find the time to dedicate to: fix that wobbly shelf, build a drone, write a book about a fictional adventure, or finally find the time to arrange all your old printed pictures in nice photo albums.

The possibilities are endless. We know, you already had plenty of this “stay at home free time” all year this year, and you probably still have plenty of if you are working remotely from home. Good news is that during Christmas holidays you will have a few days off work, and that’s when you will finally start appreciating your mental, physical and emotional space. The most important thing is that you and your family stay safe, which is the Christmas wish that we at Harvin send from our heart to all our clients, employees, suppliers, partners and friends.

You can also sit back, chill out, and enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD. Because you know, this is what people have been doing during the first era of lockdowns, when sales volumes of all companies operating in the legal cannabis market (and in countries where also “regular” cannabis is legal such in many US States and Canada) went up 300-400% in average, mostly thanks to ecommerce and sales from cannabis vending machines. As a matter of fact, all of our cannabis vending machine clients have been experiencing important revenues from the sales of the automatic distributors, especially when all shops were forced to close, during the strictest lockdown phases.

If you are the owner of a cannabis business or brand, a cannabis shop or club, a grow shop, a bar, a tobacco stand, or if you are looking into a potential investments that can boost your revenues, another thing you might do during the in-home Christmas holidays could be start planning on how to expand your business horizons in 2021. Covid or not, as it’s going to end, sooner or later, you should start counting and forecasting on the potential revenues that an automatic cannabis vending machine distributor can offer. And that, through a potential few more months of lockdowns and reduced business hours, can actually be your best ally in getting a regular revenue stream.,  Start planning today, and contact Harvin today. Our Sales Team will be happy to assist you and eventually meet you at your store location to make surveys and assessments about your space. Our commercial guys will be happy to answer all your questions about cannabis vending machines, and will also give you suggestions on which of the Harvin legal cannabis distributors can be the best choice for your business and available store space.

Our team operates in complete safety and in compliance with all covid prevention and safety regulations, so we will show up with face masks, using the due physical distance and all sanitary precautions. Safe workspace and safe operations have become top priorities at Harvin, for everybody and all our processes: in the office, in the warehouse, in the clients visits of of Sales team as well as the tech interventions of our Technical Support Team, which you will have the pleasure of getting to know when the guys will come to your shop to install your new legal cannabis vending machine, obviously still in a full safety mode. By the way, that will probably be the last time you will see our Tech Team, unless you want to install new cannabis distributors, as all system updates to our cannabis vending machines are operated remotely, and our machines are super-sturdy, they really never break! A new cannabis vending machine really could be the best Christmas present you could ever give to your business!

Merry Christmas everybody! We will take a few days off at the office between Christmas to the early days of January, but other than that you will always find us from the very beginning of the new year. And of course our Tech Support hotline will still be available during the entire holiday time so you don’t have to worry!

Stay updated with Harvin by following our blog and subscribing and liking Harvin on our social media spaces on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Merry Christmas again. May 2021 be a very good year for you and your business (it shouldn’t be so difficult after 2020), see you in the new year! Stay safe!