What is a sales system?

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During our career path that began in the 1990s, we have successfully participated in several technological innovations. Over almost 30 years, Harvin has created several vending machine models embracing real revolutions not only in technology, but also in sales methods and the shopping experience, creating a true sales system. Here, this has become a real goal and a point of pride for us to propose to all our customers. A sales system combining different types of merchandise from various sectors: tobacconists, pharmacies, CBD shops, Svapo and self 24 shops. True growth with a global sales system combining vending machines and an online platform must be useful, innovative, creative, and scalable for our customers. These are the 4 points on which the creation of our automated sales system is based.

Even today, in the vast majority of the vending market, the offered vending machines are simple, inexpensive machines that, on the one hand, do nothing more than interface with payment devices and, in a few cases, have remote management that is based only on the transmission of simple, sterile statistics with paltry control operations and that do not create added value for the customer.

The majority of vending machines do not respond to the true essence of the word vending: to be clear, ‘vending’ is the technical English term used to identify the vending channel, that means the entire activity of selling and serving food and non-food products by means of a vending machine. Simply that?

What do we mean by the ‘essence’ of vending? For us at Harvin, the essence is to link the technology of a vending machine to an online platform to create a sales system that brings the customer closer and builds loyalty, makes them feel important and puts them in constant contact with the vending machine. We at Harvin make it even clearer. We have combined our vending machine technology with a sales system that remotely not only sends statistics and notifications but also communicates with the customer, proposes and interacts by satisfying wants and needs.

How is all this possible with Harvin? It is important to know that the vending machines of the different lines such as Magic, E-vapor and Salus are built on state-of-the-art technology, have a touch screen monitor ranging from 21″ to 27″, and with the platform they are equipped with, they can communicate with servers and clouds all over the world, as well as interface with cashless payment systems that accept all electronic payment circuits.

This solid technological basis means that the vending machine is ready to be included in the cloud world, in artificial intelligence ‘AI’ . We then built and designed a control Dashboard that allows you to create a Sales System, which not only verifies data but also creates content and communicates with your customer. What does it communicate? Using the touch screen monitor you can transmit videos and images, create customised promotions and discounts customer by customer, engage new customers and create a personalised welcome gift: a very powerful sales and communication tool at the same time. Our Harvin Automated and Programmed Sales System combines the vending machines we produce with a state-of-the-art Smart Dashboard. Who offers you more? Who gives you these tools to expand your sales everywhere without limits?

For more information on this Automated Sales System please contact us at this link and fill in your enquiry, you will be contacted by one of our sales managers. Harvin has been developing and producing sales systems for 30 years for different product sectors: our experience is at your service to create a strong bond with you and your daily sales activity. If you want to grow and face your future with confidence, Harvin is the right company with a system that will revolutionise the concept of vending machine sales.