Customize your Cannabis Vending Machine with your Logo and Brand Identity

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Expanding your business horizons 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, thanks to the addition of one or more cannabis vending machines is certainly a big plus, especially when physical shops are forced to close, as it happened this year all over the world as a measure to contrast the virus pandemic.

But if you were in a position to be able to choose to expand your business with a generic, Harvin branded automatic distributor or with a fully branded cannabis vending machine that, besides of selling your products, also “looks and feels” like your brand, featuring your logo, company colors, brand messaging and more, what would you choose? The answer is pretty obvious, and we know it also because getting a fully customized and branded cannabis vending machine is the most popular choice among our clients, as you can see from the few pictures on this page, or at a photo gallery of cannabis vending machine installation solutions on our website.

If your business is a generic bar, tobacco shop or if you plan to sell multi-brand hemp, legal cannabis and CBD products in public spaces such a mall, a subway metro or a place with high pedestrian transit, then you might not be interested in customizing the automatic distributor, and you will benefit from the new additional sales bottom line generated by your very popular and more and more diffused Harvin cannabis vending machine.

But if you are a brand of the new green economy – a legal cannabis brand, a grow shop, a franchise of shops selling hemp, legal cannabis and CBD products – then you might be interested in using the cannabis distributor also to extend the reach of your brand presence and messaging, either you place the cannabis vending machine inside or right outside your shop, and even more if you place the distributor selling your products in third party locations.

You will be amazed by the accuracy of our wrapping work, which is flawless. Not only we use last generation, state of the art printing plotters and we are very accurate with our CAD-CAM programming, but we also decided to adopt the best possible wrapping film available on the market, a special wrapping product by 3M – these guys are masters when it comes to plastic films and to adhesive solutions, and their printable wrapping film is definitely the best solution both in terms of quality and resilience. Trust us, we know… we have tested all the wrapping films available on the market, and this 3M product we found just a couple of years ago is definitely the winner, by far!

The 3M wrapping film we use to customize all Harvin vending machines is guaranteed by 3M to be anti-scratch, which is always a plus, and also and most important to be anti-color fading, meaning that cannabis vending machine can be installed in places where they can be exposed to intense sun rays or artificial lights, and such light action won’t impact the wrapping job, that will maintain for many years (at least 5) its original colors, instead of starting fading off under the effect of light.

The adoption of this new wrapping technology has also changed our way of working at the warehouse, as even the application process for accurately placing the wrapping film on the cannabis vending machine has become faster for our Technical team, which also allowed us to expand our customization proposal to pretty much all our clients, at very convenient, competitive, and always very affordable costs.

The customization of your cannabis vending machine goes beyond the external aspect, as even the machine software and touch screen display can be customized to include your logo and brand messaging, as well as your promotions and special announcements.

Call Harvin today and talk to one of our colleagues of the Sale team if you want to know more about the customization of cannabis vending machines, and how much it costs to align your legal cannabis automatic distributor to your brand identity. Prices vary, as it all depends on multiple factors, such as which model of cannabis vending machine you would like to customize, the number of machines in your order, do you have particular design patterns and requests, and a few other price parameters that our commercial team will be able to solve with an easy calculation out of your specifications. But let us tell you since now that 1) the customization price is not really a big deal, and 2) it’s definitely worth the investment, just ask any of our very happy customers!

Just call us today, and let’s talk about how your legal cannabis business can benefit from one or more Harvin cannabis vending machines, fully customized with your colors and brand, of course!

The availability of customized cannabis vending machines has also positively impacted the newly launched Harvin Partner Distribution Network, a recent series of joint ventures with companies operating in the legal cannabis sector in Italy and rest of Europe, who are currently distributing Harvin cannabis vending machines in their area, and in a couple of cases our distribution partners have decided to have all “basic unbranded” versions of the cannabis distributors customized with their own logo instead of the Harvin one, and of course they still offer on their respective areas fully customized cannabis vending machines with the colors, design, logo and brand of their own local clients.

Interested in our partner distribution network? You can join too, if you are interested. We recently published a blog article with a few details about our newly launched distribution partner program, check out the article or just get in touch with our team and talk to us.

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