Harvin Testimonials: Introducing CityWeed Montesacro, one of our Latest Clients in Rome

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Here we are with a new article to introduce you to other testimonial of Harvin products, new happy customers who have just installed a Harvin legal cannabis vending machine in their grow shop: Fabrizio and Marco, owners of CityWeed Montesacro – Khimera Service, a grow shop in Rome.

Since the launch of the new Harvin division dedicated to vending machines designed for legal cannabis and hemp and CBD based products, less than three years ago, we have supplied and installed hundreds of cannabis vending machines for cannabis companies, cannabis stores, grow shops, any kind of shop, bars, clubs, tobacconists, shopping centers and many other locations. We have also installed one of our cannabis vending machine in a pizza shop!

Every so often, however, we see our customers so happy that we can’t resist the temptation to interview them for our blog. As in the case of Fabrizio and Marco of CityWeed Montesacro, who sent us a selfie with their new cannabis vending machine as soon as the machine was installed at the entrance to their Roman grow shop. And from the photo received they seem to be really proud of the new extension to their business!

So here’s a short interview with Fabrizio and Marco, owners of CityWeed Montesacro. We managed the interview via email, sending them our questions and receiving their answers with the photos you find in this article, the selfie of Fabrizio and Marco immediately after the installation of the cannabis dispenser, and other images showing our Magic Baby 18 selections installed at the entrance of their grow shop in Rome.

Harvin: Hi guys, welcome to the Harvin blog. Please tell us a little bit about you and your CityWeed business.

CityWeed: We are Fabrizio and Marco, owners of the CityWeed Montesacro grow shop in Rome. The passion for nature and cultivation led us to open this shop in May 2018. Back then, we started by selling only legal hemp inflorescences and we created the Lion’s Bud brand, with which we distribute legal hemp grown in the Italian industry and supply chain. Thanks to our rule of following very high selection criteria to always offer a quality product to our customers, we have gradually become a well-stocked grow shop, where friends who come to visit us find useful products for cultivation and lots of advice!

Harvin: How did you get to know about Harvin?

CityWeed: We got to know the Harvin brand through social media. The idea of being able to offer a 24-hour service in our neighborhood had been buzzing in our heads for a while!

Harvin: What did you get to the decision of placing a cannabis vending machine in your grow shop?

CityWeed: We had been thinking for a while about the adoption of the cannabis vending machine to offer a service to our neighborhood, as we said. Furthermore, with the current situation of the covid pandemic and the possible closures and lockdowns, it seemed like the best time to finally integrate a vending machine to our grow shop.

Harvin: Are you satisfied with Harvin’s work on both the commercial and sales fronts, and with the product you have received?

CityWeed: We got on very well with the Harvin salesmen and technicians, they showed great availability and professionalism.

Harvin: Considering also the historical moment we are experiencing, in which the entrances to the stores are limited, while the sale to the vending machine remains allowed, did you notice from the first days of the installation to today any improvement in terms of earnings and inflow of people?CityWeed: We are still in the very early days after the installation of the cannabis vending machine. Passers-by are intrigued and stop to observe the “novelty”. We are generally happy with the choice made, thank you Harvin!

We hope you enjoyed our interview with the new Harvin friends of CityWeed, a grow shop you should visit if you live in Rome, or simply if you pass by the Eternal City. Their address is Via Valsolda, 63. If it is not convenient for you to go to Rome, “stroll by” CityWeed at their Instagram page. Thanks Fabrizio and Marco for the interview.

Do you also want to install a Harvin legal cannabis vending machine in your shop or in third-party locations? Contact our team and tell us how you want to extend your sales horizons thanks to the benefits that legal cannabis vending machines can bring to your business.

Our salesmen will be happy to get in touch with you and, in complete safety also in compliance with the covid prevention and safety regulations, with mask, physical distance and all precautions, they will also be able to come to meet you at your store location to make surveys and assessments about your space. Our commercial team can also give you good advice in suggesting which of the different legal cannabis vending machines of the Harvin line are best suited to your business, goals, and available physical spaces.

As you have seen from the interview with our friends from CityWeed, we assure you that you will be happy with our sales people, who in addition to being very professional and prepared to answer all your questions, are also funny guys! Just as you will be happy with our technical team. that you will have the pleasure of getting to know when you will install your brand new legal cannabis vending machine.

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