Summer Holidays are Over, and the Harvin Team is Back

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cannabis vending machines

September is here, with all that autumn brings along: the end of summer, the first heavy rains, temperatures finally dropping and, most of all, back to work in full mode. We didn’t take much vacations, mostly because this year we had to stop all our activities for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and also because, as we said in one of our previous articles, as soon as the lockdown was over we had a massive peak in requests for new installations of our cannabis vending machines, and we have been busy ever since assisting old and new clients.

As we already mentioned in a previous blog post, powering up your business by adding one or more automatic cannabis vending machines has been one of the few solutions that our clients could have counted on to keep their business running even when all the shops were forced to close to the corona pandemic crisis.

An automatic cannabis distributor right out of your shop window, or strategically placed in third parties locations such as bars, clubs, malls and other places with high traffic and high visibility really extends your business horizons, allowing the sale of your cannabis and hemp based products 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have the right solution that can help you keep your business open at all times, with the clear advantage of getting you further income even when your shop is closed. Depending on the number and typology of legal cannabis and CBD based products you want to sell, you can certainly find the right automatic legal cannabis distributor that better serves your business.

cannabis vending machines

Check out Magic Baby, our first ever and best seller cannabis vending machine, and automatic legal cannabis distributor that can load up to 18 different products, or Magic Baby Touch, which features all the advantages of Magic Baby with the addition of a smart digital touch screen display.

Love the digital touch screen display but need to feature and sell more products? Have a look at our Magic Wind Touch, a cannabis vending machine that will help you showcase and sell up to 40 product selections, or go big with our biggest legal cannabis distributor, Magic Hour Touch, an automatic legal cannabis vending machine that can feature up to 60 different legal cannabis products.

Do you sell legal cannabis, hemp and CBD based food and drinks, and need a refrigerated cannabis vending machine? We have two state of the art solutions for your business, starting with Master Revolution, a true revolution that we recently introduced in our best selling line of cannabis vending machines. Master Revolution presents flexible trays, so you can adapt the automatic distributor to the size of the legal cannabis food and drinks you want to sell, expanding its 48 product selections all the way to 56 products.

Master Revolution is designed to sell perishable cannabis food and drinks that need refrigeration, must be kept at optimal temperature, or that are simply best consumed cold, such as cannabis tea, beer, and soft drinks, cannabis chocolate and biscuits, and other legal cannabis, hemp and CBD products with any soft or hard packaging, including cans, bottles, bags and more. Of course, alongside food and drinks, Master Revolution can also sell more traditional cannabis, hemp and CBD products such as flowers, resins and oils.

Our other solution for the sale of legal cannabis food and drinks is Master Mix, the latest automatic cannabis distributor we added to the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines at the end of 2019. Master Mix is not a stand-alone legal cannabis distributor but a slave module that can be paired with any of our legal cannabis distributors, adding the power and the opportunity of the sales of refrigerated food and drinks to “regular” cannabis vending machines.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about your business needs. One of the Harvin Sales representatives will be happy to give you all the information you need, will answer all your questions, and will schedule an appointment with you to come see your business location for more advice on how and where to place one or more cannabis vending machines in your shop. Our Sales representatives will also offer you advice on which of our cannabis vending machines can be the best choice for your business.

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