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cannabis vending machines

The European legal cannabis industry is going stronger and stronger, even if this year the overall global economy took a strong hit due to the pandemic crisis. And, those who had a cannabis vending machine in their shops closed because of lockdown, immediately realized how easy it is to extend your business horizons 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, thanks to your never-stopping automated cannabis distributors.

For this reason, since we have been back in operations, we have experienced a very strong demand for new cannabis vending machines installations, either from old clients who wanted to expand their business sales even more, and from plenty of new clients. We don’t have a best selling model in our line of cannabis vending machines anymore, because all of our variations of automatic cannabis distributors are now top best sellers across Europe.

Harvin is growing at the same steady rate of the legal cannabis industry, and also our business horizons have already expanded pretty well. Right now, thanks to several partnerships we secured in Italy and across Europe, Harvin is producing and distributing cannabis vending machines all over Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Greece.

Are you interested in becoming our cannabis vending machine distribution partner?

If you have access to any area of the European Union auch a country, or a region or geographic area, and are willing to start a cannabis vending machines distribution business, you can be our partner and start selling and distributing cannabis vending machines right away!

It is really as simple as that. First of all, our cannabis vending machines can be fully customized both in terms of language and software of operations, as well as ID verification and currency, that can be localized in any language and currency of the EU.

Also, the machine can actually be fully customized in terms of external design, thanks to perfect wrapping solutions that bring to life all the colors, logos and corporate image of many of our clients. The cannabis vending machine you want to distribute in your area can be all customized with your own company brand by default, and of course you will be able to sell your client further customizations to reflect their own brand and company image.

If you decide to become a Harvin Distribution Partner and start working with us, we will make sure to give you all the tools you need, starting with a visit to our office and our warehouse right outside Brescia, if you can manage to stroll by. Or we can connect remotely, we are already very experienced in doing business via Zoom. Just get in touch with us, and let’s start talking about the partnership opportunity for the distribution and sale of cannabis vending machines in your business area.

cannabis vending machines

Besides signing a partnership and commercial agreement, we will offer you full training on everything you need to know to start distributing the cannabis vending machines as soon as you are ready to call your first prospective lead. With our dedicated training you will get to know all the details and the functionalities of each of our cannabis vending machines, including the new added line of refrigerated cannabis distributors such as Master Revolution and Master Mix, excellent choices to sell legal cannabis, hemp based and CBD based food, snack and drinks.

We will also give you a full training on our proprietary software, so that you will have no problems at all when you want to give a demo yourself. You will also discover all the endless possibilities that the custom wrapping personalization of the machines offers, and we will tell you how to make your clients very happy with the product you will deliver them. Quality is 100% guaranteed by the Harvin experience, and by hundreds of our very happy clients across all Europe! Now it’s time you start making your clients happy too, and start growing your legal cannabis business by adding a new product distribution line: cannabis vending machines!

Here is a testimonial by one of our cannabis vending machines Distribution Partners, Marco of Edel Hemp, a very well established legal cannabis business in Switzerland. Listen what Marco has to say about us:

Hi my name is Marco and I live in Switzerland. My partner and I opened a company that distributes legal cannabis throughout Switzerland. Our products are highly appreciated and are also gaining ground abroad.

When we decided to invest in legal cannabis vending machines, my partner and I went to visit several manufacturers of cannabis vending machines.

We have found in Harvin the answers we were looking for, and we appreciate the professionalism of all the Harvin staff too. Harvin is a strongly recommended company, word of entrepreneur!

Contact us today, and let’s talk about our business joint venture, and about all the great advantages of being a Harvin cannabis vending machines Distribution Partner.

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