Cannabis Vending Machines Functionalities: Touch Screen Display

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Welcome to another article dedicated to the technical functionalities of the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines. After dedicating previous articles to some of the key functionalities of our automatic cannabis distributors such as the powerful card reader our vending machines are equipped with, or about the easy maintenance of our cannabis vending machines, today we will focus on one of the most advanced components of our automatic distributors line, the touch screen display.

We have already spent some words on the digital touch screen displays of the Harvin vending machines when we recently talked about our Magic Touch product line and in the article we dedicated to our best selling cannabis vending machine, Magic Baby Touch, but today we will enter more into the details of the distributors’ touch screen display which is, in fact, the most important asset of our machines, as it is the real point of contact and interaction between the products sold by the automatic distributors and the final customer.

Our highly technological digital touch screen display is the top feature of the most advanced among our cannabis vending machines, the already mentioned Magic Touch product line that includes Magic Baby Touch, Magic Wind Touch and Magic Hour Touch. In all three of the cannabis vending machines the touch screen display really plays the centerpiece role, also thanks to its 19” size (22” on the larger Magic Hour Touch).

The display’s brightness is normally set automatically, in order to allow a comfortable buying experience for the user, but can be easily augmented or lowered according to the preferences of the shop owner and to better fit the installation environment. For example, if you install the cannabis vending machine in a shop window that remains lit at night, or in a very bright environment such as a commercial center or mall, we suggest to set the display to high brightness, so it could be properly seen with all the lights around it, while if you place the cannabis vending machine out in the street or in poorly lit environment such as train and bus stations, or in a corner of a shop or bar, in our experience you can dim the touch screen display brightness down for a better interaction that doesn’t feels too aggressive during the customer interaction.

touch screen display

The software managing the touch screen display is state of the art, available in several European languages, and doesn’t require any update from the shop owner. With the ability of our cannabis vending machines to connect to the internet via wifi, all the scheduled updates will be operated remotely by the Harvin technical team via easy cloud maintenance operations that won’t require the automatic distributors to stop working, allowing the shop owners to expand their business horizons thanks to a virtual shop that stays open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The display’s dashboard is intuitive and clear, and gives the possibility to easily upload and modify plenty of information: from the basics of photos or graphic images representing the products, short text info that get featured next to the product image, product prices and sales prices, to longer and more detailed product descriptions for each product page, as well as further texts such as potential reminders of promotions accessible through the same cannabis vending machine, and more.

Another important role played by the touch screen display featured by our cannabis vending machines is the possibility to add info and files that might be legally required in some countries, such as the certificate stating the exact CBD and THC levels that are contained in each of the legal cannabis and CBD products sold by the automatic cannabis distributors including, if required by the local laws, info about the traceability of the production lot, the seed’s origin, the cultivation techniques and the final packaging.

touch screen display

If you want to know more about the the touch screen displays and other functionalities of the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines, please contact our team, and one of our sales representatives will immediately get back in touch with you to give you all the info you need, and eventually to schedule an appointment with you at your shop or business location to start planning around your dream to boost your sales revenues through a virtual extension of your shop that stays open non-stop, 7 days a week.

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