Cannabis Edibles Revolution: Harvin is Ready!

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cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles have truly revolutionized the cannabis market, and not just in the United States and Canada, where the market is already so mature that giant food corporations such as Coca-Cola and Whole Food have already filed patents and are planning a massive entry on the consumer market (and, as a matter of fact, Whole Food already did, as its CEO confirms it). The cannabis edible revolution has been taking a larger share of the European legal cannabis and CBD market too, and it goes without saying that the CBD edible business in the northamerican markets is already well established too.

But let’s take a step back and let’s clear all doubts about what a cannabis edible is. Edible is everything you can eat, so the edible products in the cannabis market are all those that range from cannabis, hemp and CBD based food and drinks to all the oils and supplements that the new green cannabis has made available on the market.

If you want to know more, we give you a few links to some very colourful infographics on cannabis edibles: a general guide on using marihuana edibles, a chart on edible dosing, an invitation to read the labels and the content of edible packaging, an infographic that compares the effects of inhaling vs ingesting, the recap of recent Canada’s regulation on the cannabis edible market, and a final, more complete infographics that analyzes in deep the cannabis edible and drink market. What was at first a “home practice”, such as baking a few cannabis cookies or brownies, has now become a very big business. And the culture of “eating” cannabis has also got to some excellence levels, especially in places such as California and Colorado, where top chefs experiment in the kitchen with both fresh cannabis and all kinds of extracts, to the point that there are already “420 restaurants” and even “Bong Appetit”, a marihuana cooking TV show hosted by Vice Media where top chefs challenge themselves into incredibly gourmet food creations based on marihuana.

Today you don’t need a restaurant with a top chef to experience cannabis edibles, as you can find them everywhere – with THC in European countries where consumption of marihuana has been de-penalized and is now tolerated, such as in the coffee shops of The Netherlands or the social cannabis clubs in Spain, or rich in CBD everywhere in the rest of Europe. You can find everything “edible” nowadays, from the classic cannabis cookies and brownies to the also classic THC and CBD candies, where still the gummy bear seems to be the number one in choice worldwide – don’t ask us why, this is a mystery in cannabis culture that we promise we will explore soon…

And then there is everything else yummy food – from chocolate bars and candies to pies and crepes and more. At the recent european cannabis trade show we have participated as exhibitors we have seen (and many times tasted) amazing gourmet cannabis-based dishes, including pizza, hamburgers, all sort of pastry and bakery food, and even cannabis-based gelato! Meaning ice-cream, not the Gelato weed genetics!

Cannabis based drinks are another fast growing sector of the cannabis edible industry, starting with the big classic of any cannabis event, from the commercial fairs to the cultural initiatives: cannabis beer. Hemp and cannabis beers are everywhere, and everybody who present their version of cannabis microbrews always nail it on a perfectly balanced mix of flavor and bitterness, a great thirst killer and a perfect social drink! If you haven’t tried a cannabis beer you should definitely try one soon! The drinks category in the cannabis edible market also include several already established brands of beverages such as teas and infusions, but we have also seen (and tasted) very successful cannabis sodas, and even a really good sativa prosecco!

The edible revolution is also taking over the cannabis vending machines sector, and the new generation of automatic distributors that are perfect for handling food and drinks. While at first cannabis vending machines where mostly used for the sale of weed – and still are, in the majority of cases – we have assisted to a very rapid trend over the last couple of years, with more and more “other” products being added to the automatic sales of the cannabis vending machines, starting with CBD based oils, creams and cosmetics, including CBD products for animals.

From there, the space dedicated to edible products within our cannabis vending machines has been more and more, so we decided to launch a new, dedicated cannabis vending machine suitable to sell both cannabis flowers and cannabis food and drinks, and of course any other product including CBD oils, tinctures and cosmetics. So we integrated to our cannabis vending machine a refrigeration unit with a see-through display, directly mutuated by the classic automatic food and snack dispensers, and Master Revolution was born.

Master Revolution is a refrigerated cannabis vending machine and the top of the Harvin line of cannabis distributors. The machine includes a fridge to keep food and drinks products refrigerated and at optimal temperature, and it is ideal for easily perishable cannabis food and drinks such as cannabis tea, sodas and infusions, cannabis beer, cannabis chocolate, cannabis cookies and more. Master Revolution can dispense cans, bottles, bags and boxes of any shape, and is equipped with an internal lift that allows the delivery of fragile and delicate products with maximum safety, making the shopping experience so simple and pleasant. The withdrawal of the product is at an easy height 80 cm from the ground, with electronic sensors that control the opening of the withdrawal door.

With its very attractive Italian design, Master Revolution can be installed in a shop window or completely outdoors, in shopping centers and even in crowded places. Its average load capacity makes it an excellent tool for busy areas. Master Revolution comes with a double loading door and a comfortable opening, can be loaded both from the front and from the back, thanks to the exclusive openable rear compartment that allows and facilitates daily loading and unloading operations without the need of leaving the shop. The spirals inside the automatic weed distributor are interchangeable and adapt to the size of products to be sold, respecting the minimum and maximum dimensions dictated by the manufacturer. The product collection compartment is equipped with safety toggle to avoid break-ins and vandalism attempts. It is also possible to personalize Master Revolution with the logo and the image of the client, for a more integrated branding, shopping and customer experience.

cannabis edibles

If you don’t have enough space to install a Master Revolution at your physical shop location, or if you simply planned to distribute less edible cannabis food and drinks, you can find interesting our latest add to the harvin line of cannabis vending machines, Master Mix. Master Mix is not a cannabis vending machine in itself, but a slave module instead, that can be easily connected and paired with any of our cannabis vending machines with a touch screen display, such as Magic Wind and Magic Baby Touch. Like Master Revolution, also Master Mix is equipped with front and back doors for product loading, with flexible compartments for products storing and display, loading up to 23 product selections, and with the safety features in terms of product delivery and collection.

Are you ready for the cannabis edible revolution? Then you probably need one or more or our edible-ready cannabis vending machines! If you want information about Master Revolution, Master Mix or any other of our cannabis vending machines that can help you expand your business activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then contact our team today.

Let’s connect via phone or email, and then let’s plan a meeting at your business location, so we can we can help you evaluate how to upgrade your business, and you will be able to rely on the experience of the Harvin team to study together the solution that best fits both your business goals and your shop location: where can be most effective to install the cannabis vending machine, which is the best model of Harvin automatic distributors to adopt, or which combination of modules, how the cannabis vending machine can be easily included in your closed shop windows in full safety, and more. If you are interested in the stories we publish about cannabis vending machines but also about the cannabis and legal cannabis industry and legislation, with our occasional articles about cannabis culture, follow our posts on the Harvin blog, and also check out our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to  stay updated on the latest news from the Harvin world!