Harvin Testimonials: Incro and JointVillage, between Brescia Rap and Cannabis Vending Machines

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cannabis vending machines

Those who follow the news published by the Harvin blog know that we love to feature and give space to our clients, as we have already published many articles that put the spotlight on several Harvin testimonials. Today we are very happy to introduce our readers to a very special client, who is also a local celebrity in the Brescia area, where our company is headquartered.

Introducing Manuel Capo, also known as Incro, one of the three members of the local Brescia Rap crew Incompatibili Click and now also one of the owners of Joint Village, a legal cannabis store that opened in Brescia earlier last year, and that features a brand new Harvin cannabis vending machine installed in the shop’s front window, our classic automatic cannabis distributor Magic Baby with 18 product selections.

Incro, class 1984, born and raised in Brescia, started rapping back in 2009 with Incompatibili Click, a rap crew that has contributed to the local Brescia rap scene with many years of record productions, live concerts and several collaborations with other rappers and rap collectives across Italy. The other two original Incompatibili Click crew members are the rappers Dinamo and Jago, though the latter has left the Brescia rap crew a few years ago to pursue a solo career. Over the last few years also Incro has been releasing several solo productions, like the one from the “Papriroon” video that we are happy to share and republish here below, a trap song recently released by the by the Brescian rapper last December 2019.

Incro’s Papriroon video is cool, but we are really looking forward to his next video, as Manuel just told us that he would love to shoot the video for his latest single at our Harvin warehouse, singing and rapping while being surrounded by our cannabis vending machines. We will certainly be there during the shooting, and will definitely take many pictures that we will share on ourFacebook andInstagram accounts, that we invite you to follow.

If you want to stay updated with the latest news from Incro and the Brescia rap scene we also invite you to follow Incro’s official website as well as his official social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. If you love rap and trap music you might be happy to know that you can freely download many of Incro and Incompatibili Click’s productions from the Incros’s website. Thank you Incro for the nice gift of free music!

We also invite you to check out Joint Village’s website, where you can shop online for several strains of legal cannabis flowers, CBD oils, hemp herbal infusions, and also non-hemp products such as incenses and yes, of course, plenty of rap/trap accessories and “blings” such as very cool necklaces, earrings and rings. You’ll also find a full photo gallery that features many pictures of our cannabis vending machine in operation at the Joint Village shop window, such as the ones we are happy to republish here below.

cannabis vending machines
cannabis vending machines
cannabis vending machines

By visiting Joint Village’s website, you will also realize that Manuel and his business partner Jacopo are very proud of their decision to install a cannabis vending machine in their shop, as besides of publishing many pictures of our Magic Baby in the website’s photo gallery, they also mention several times the fact that Joint Village is active 24 hours a day thanks to our self 24 cannabis distributor, that they loaded not only with a nice selection of legal cannabis flowers, but also with smoking accessories such as different kinds of rolling papers, filters and lighters, as well as with snacks to kill the munchies after smoking and with… condoms, because you never know where a nice evening can lead to!

If you are a shop owner, whether you operate a legal cannabis shop, a grow shop or any other commercial location that can benefit from the additional profits of having an automatic cannabis dispenser operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you should follow Joint Village’s example and consider the opportunity to expand your business horizons by installing one or more cannabis vending machines. We promise that you’ll be happy and proud of that decision, like Joint Village and all our clients are.

In that case, just contact the Harvin team, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you to evaluate together which model of cannabis vending machine can best fit your physical shop location and your business goals.