Automatic Vending Machines: The Best Measure to Protect your Business from Coronavirus

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Let’s make something immediately clear. In no way we want to exploit the global Coronavirus crisis to promote our cannabis vending machines. The global health crisis created by the Coronavirus pandemic is real, with almost 100,000 people infected around the world and more than 3,000 deaths as we write this article, 80 of which in Italy, the country where Harvin is headquartered, and where more than 1,300 infection cases have already been registered.

As a matter of fact, Harvin headquarters are based in Lombardy, the northern Italian region of which Milan is the capital, and one of the regions most affected by the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus spread, where the highest number of infection cases in the entire Europe has been registered. Just a few dozen kilometers away from our offices some areas and entire small cities have been quarantined, especially in the so called “red zone”, where streets are empty and pretty much all the shops have been closed for at least the last couple of weeks, if not for longer periods of time.

So what are we talking about? We are just reporting what our clients told us. Harvin is a prime player in the Italian and European automatic vending machine business – not only cannabis vending machines, but also all kinds of automatic vending machines, including the automatic distributors used by tobacconists, pharmacies and snacks and food distributors. We know the market pretty well, and we have hundreds of clients, with whom we are also in very good and ongoing relations. We communicate and interact with all our clients on a regular basis, including with those whose business and shops are based in the areas affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is how, over the last couple of weeks, we have received from our clients a very positive feedback on how useful it is to have one or more automatic vending machines operating 24 hours a day when all shops are closed and people tend not to leave their homes to stay safe. While many businesses are getting negatively impacted by the Coronavirus spread, our clients’ businesses stay open thanks to the automatic distributors that keep working also when the shop windows are closed.

Operating automatic vending machines is very safe in terms of exposure to the Coronavirus for both the shop owners and their clients. With the possibility of loading products and emptying the cash collector from both the front and the back of the automatic distributor, shop owners don’t have to work and operate out in the street, and can manage all operations from the safety of their closed shop.


It is also safe to operate the vending machine from the customer point of view, either using a touch screen display and push buttons, as it has already been confirmed that the Coronavirus is an airborne virus that travels from one body to another, while cannot survive more than a few seconds on outside surfaces.


Again, as we said in the title of this blog article, automatic vending machines are definitely the best measure shop owners can adopt to protect their business from the Coronavirus epidemics. Which is also the reason why we are getting a huge number of requests for installations of new automatic distributors, including cannabis vending machines.

The Harvin team is fully operational, we are not closing our business due to the Coronavirus, also to be able to support all these new requests. Our commercial and technical teams are constantly on the move around Italy and Europe, as we believe in the positive spirit also publicly boosted by the City of Milan, that recently launched the hashtag #MilanoNonSiFerma (#MilanDoesntStop) to invite the local population not to panic, and to return to normality.

Don’t forget to adopt plenty of attention and protection measures, the same you have been hearing over and over from the news: wash your hands with alcohol based sanitizers, avoid crowded places, cover your mouth if you cough, sneeze and yawn, and keep at least one meter distance from people who sneeze, cough and appear to have the Coronavirus symptoms, that also include high fevers – even if the Coronavirus can be asymptomatic, meaning that sometimes people affected by the virus show no symptoms. Also, try to stay home if you are showing first signs of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing, and in that case use a mask to protect others.

Please stay safe, but also please do not panic, both as an individual and as an entrepreneur and shop owner. If the epidemic starts spreading in your area don’t be afraid of financial losses for having to close your business, because you now have a very viable solution: contact the Harvin team and plan to expand your business activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rather than planning to close your shop.

Get in touch with Harvin if you need one or more cannabis vending machines, but also if you need other types of automatic distributors, from tobacco vending machines and automatic distributors of pharmaceutical products, all the way to food and drinks automatic distributors. We got your business covered even in times of crisis.

Protect your business from the negative economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic with one or more automatic vending machine, but mostly take into consideration the opportunity of expanding your business hours to full 24/7 operations, either if you do it as a measure to protect your business face to the global Coronavirus crisis, or if you are planning to adopt an automatic vending machine because you want to boost your sales and expand your business horizons.

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