Cannabis Vending Machines Maintenance: Never Been Easier with Harvin

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cannabis vending machines

Are you thinking about expanding your business horizons thanks to the installation of one or more cannabis vending machines in your shop or business location, but you have some doubts about the work and commitment that is needed to keep the machines always updated, maintained and in perfect working function? Then we hope to solve all your doubts with this blog post! If not, we invite you to contact the Harvin team and tell us about your doubts, we will be happy to answer all your questions concerning the maintenance of the Harvin cannabis vending machines.

Some of the questions we generally get asked at industry trade shows or when we visit a potential new client are about the maintenance of our cannabis vending machines, and our first answer is only that our Harvin cannabis vending machines need almost no maintenance. Which is a joke, as of course all machines need some maintenance, sooner or later, and with a certain frequency, too. But the truth is that at Harvin we designed our full line of cannabis vending machines in a way that will require very little maintenance, and some of our vending machines can also be operated remotely by the Harvin technical assistance team. Let’s see this more in details.

All Harvin cannabis vending machines are guaranteed for safety and ease of use, and come with and ID card reader and software that is ready and has been localized in all main European languages. Our clients can always count on the prompt technical support from the Harvin team whenever it is needed, both for installation and ongoing assistance – but the reality is that our cannabis vending machines need very little assistance, as they are very sturdy and resilient, and even their operating software can be updated remotely.

Normally, in the case of assistance to our cannabis vending machines, the first support is always given by phone in a fast and resolute way. The phone support from the Harvin technical team consist in a fast assessment of the problem, and in most cases once the diagnosis is clear, our team can offer a solution that can be easily operated by the shop owner, as many of the components of our cannabis vending machines have been designed in a way that can be easily operated from the final client.

It’s also important to point out the fact that the Harvin technical team will take care of all operations related to the installation and the start-up of the cannabis vending machines, and that all our clients benefit of a quick but complete training session immediately after the installation of the cannabis vending machine, in order to make sure that our clients know how to operate the machine, from loading the products to the potential troubleshooting operations that might be necessary to do if the Harvin tech expert suggests to do so during the support received by phone.

cannabis vending machines

Many of our cannabis vending machines, in particular those with a digital touch screen such as Magic Baby Touch, Magic Hour Touch and Magic Wind Touch, can be connected to the internet cloud, allowing the Harvin technical team to run diagnosis, software upgrades and component programming from remote. For this reason we strongly suggest to all our clients to connect the cannabis vending machines to our cloud based internet platform. After all it’s a pretty easy operation to do, as the only requisite is to have a wifi network available in the shop where the machine has been installed, with zero complexity, just like connecting a wifi printer to your network.

Not all our cannabis vending machines can be operated remotely from the Harvin technical team, especially the machines that don’t feature the touch screen component, such as our first and most popular cannabis vending machine, Magic Baby, as well as our refrigerated cannabis vending machine Master Revolution, and the latest product we added to the Harvin line of cannabis vending machine, the refrigerated slave module Master Mix. In this case, whenever a maintenance intervention is needed to one of our cannabis vending machines, or when there is a scheduled update of the machine’s operating system, the Harvin technical team will make an intervention directly at the location where the machine is installed, after which everything normally gets back in full operations in a matter of minutes.

Some of the components of the Harvin cannabis vending machines, such as the card and ID reader, or the buttons to make the product selection, have been designed to be sturdy, and resistant to hacks and intentional damages, and we get very little requests of interventions on such components. In any case, our technical team always carries a full stock of spare parts for any of the machines’ components, so that in case of intervention there is no need to wait for ordering spare parts, and any of our cannabis vending machine gets back up and running with just a quick maintenance intervention.

Just get in touch with Harvin if you have any questions about our cannabis vending machines and their maintenance and update. Both our commercial and technical teams will be happy to provide you with all the answers to your questions, so you can easily move up to growing your business revenues by gaining more and more customers even when your shop is closed, up to 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week!

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