How to Get a Cannabis Vending Machine in Switzerland

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Do you live or run a business in Switzerland, and would like to bring your sales and revenues to the next level by expanding your business horizons with a cannabis vending machines that can extend your business opening hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It has never been easier than today!

Sure, you can still get in touch with Harvin, as our company is the biggest distributor of cannabis vending machines in Italy, and we are quickly expanding our product distribution across Central Europe, with a strong focus on German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and of course also Switzerland, and not only in the German-speaking part of the alpine country. Yet, we made it even easier for Swiss businesses to boost their revenues by getting one or more cannabis vending machines, as we partnered with Hedel Hemp Switzerland, one of the major Swiss distributors of legal cannabis and CBD based products.

Our Swiss partners and friends at Hedel Hemp Switzerland are based in Canton Ticino, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. They have recently opened their official shop in Stabio which, although being located in the Swiss territory, it’s just right off the Italy-Switzerland border, barely a 20 minutes drive away from Varese.

Besides distributing and selling high quality hemp, legal cannabis and CBD products across Canton Ticino and the rest of the alpine country, Hedel Hemp Switzerland is now the official (not exclusive) distributor of Harvin cannabis vending machines in Switzerland. Our friends at Hedel Hemp Switzerland did a tremendous job in rebranding our entire line of cannabis vending machines with very nice white and green colors and a flowery touch that features Swiss’ national flower, the edelweiss – a flower that is also the reference to the brand of Hedel Hemp Switzerland.

By the way, did you know that edelweiss is non-toxic, and that the alpine flower has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a remedy for abdominal and respiratory diseases? We love plants that also are good for health, and this is why we got so fascinated by marihuana, and its endless therapeutic applications, specially when it comes to its medical component CBD.

Anyway, back to our partnership with Hedel Hemp Switzerland; here are some pictures of the Harvin cannabis vending machines as rebranded by our Swiss partners and friends.

cannabis vending machines

Not only Hedel Hemp Switzerland did a great job with the external design of the Harvin cannabis vending machines, they are doing an excellent job in distributing our Harvin cannabis vending machines across Switzerland. In a matter of a couple of months Hedel Hemp Switzerland has placed cannabis vending machines in Chiasso, Mendrisio, Tesserete, Balerna, Casiano and Ponte Tresa, and from our latest chat with our partners, they are ready to distribute more cannabis vending machines also outside of the Canton Ticino.

Very interesting and inspiring also the range of businesses chosen by Hedel Hemp Switzerland to distribute the cannabis vending machines: our Swiss partner went beyond the classic grow shops or cannabis and CBD stores, and landed business as diverse as bars and wine bars, gas stations, souvenir shops, and even a currency change shop and a local KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken (in Mendrisio).

It all started with Hedel Hemp Switzerland getting a couple of our cannabis vending machines for their own shop, and for their participation to cannabis fairs such as the recent CannaTrade 2019 in Zurich. As soon as Hedel Hemp Switzerland saw their business growing thanks to our Harvin vending machines, they decided that the best way to extend the reach (and sales) of their legal cannabis and CBD products was to help other businesses grow their revenues by adopting and installing cannabis vending machines at their shops and business locations across Switzerland.

Let’s hear what Marco, one of the founders and owners of Hedel Hemp Switzerland, has to say about their partnership with Harvin

Hi guys, I am Marco and I live in Switzerland. My partner and I opened a company that distributes legal cannabis throughout Switzerland. Our products are highly appreciated and are also gaining ground abroad.

When we decided to invest in some legal cannabis vending machines, my partner and I went to visit some cannabis vending machines manufacturing companies. We found in Harvin the answers we were looking for, and we appreciated the professionalism of the Harvin staff too.

Therefore the choice fell on the Magic Wind with 40 selections and touch screen technology, a real smart cannabis vending machine. We added a Magic baby Touch with 18 selections to include the rest of our product line.

These two powerful legal cannabis sales tools are working 24 hours a day; the vending machines are working well, and their revenue collection now represents a major percentage of our turnover.

Harvin is a strongly recommended company, word of entrepreneur.

Thank you Marco for your nice words, for the trust, and for the very much appreciated testimonial; we are so happy about your kind words that we featured your testimonial on the Harvin website, directly on our home page!

Be inspired by the success of Marcos’s business and follow the example of our partners and distributors: get one or more Harvin cannabis vending machines and expand your business horizons, increase your sales volumes and gain more new customers – isn’t that what every entrepreneur is looking for?

Get in touch with Harvin today if your business is everywhere around Europe, and get in touch with our partners and distributors Hedel Hemp Switzerland if your business is located across Switzerland, and you want to boost it with the addition of one or more cannabis vending machines.

Both at Harvin and at Hedel Hemp Switzerland we’ll be happy to help you grow your business, and to study together the best solutions for your shops or stores among our full line of cannabis vending machines; we’ll be happy to meet you at your business location, to have a good idea about your physical spaces, and to suggest which cannabis vending machine could be the best fit to suit your business needs.

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