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You have often wondered which are the necessary and high-selling products to be placed in a legal hemp vending machine. Precisely for this reason, we at Harvin have decided to dedicate an article on our website in order to help you make the choice that will decide how successful your business is.

Why should you trust us? Harvin is an Italian brand born in the 2000s. We aim to create and manufacture innovative, original and highly technological but above all profitable vending machines. Thanks to our team, who in addition to being competent and knowledgeable has many years of experience, we were able to respond to the needs that the market proposed to us. In fact, we are a company that is open, flexible and capable of accommodating the needs of change.

Along our evolutionary path, in 2018 we immediately welcomed projects from all over Europe. It was the year when hemp and cbd were partially legalized and sold not only in specialised shops but also distributed in retail channels, especially in Italy. Investment in this area increased exponentially, to the point of involving thousands of realities that wanted to enter the Legal Hemp sector. The hemp vending machines had an immediate success, first across the country and then across Europe, which led us to become a leader in our sector. Even today, we are still able to meet customer demands actively and with a flair for innovation, creating a very solid relationship with our customers.

The boom in disposable electronic cigarettes

As you may have read in our previous article, we immediately picked up on the market trend that has seen a real boom in ‘puff’ or ‘pod mods’ today. What are these devices? Easy! They are non-refillable disposable electronic cigarettes of various sizes with many different flavours that have a shelf life based on the amount of vaping liquid inside. These devices led customers to demand vending machines of disposable e-cig every day.  Demand increased very quickly and, as you can see from the picture of the new disposable electronic cigarette vending machine, we implemented an immediate implementation and were thus able to respond to the needs of the market.

What products should be included in a legal hemp vending machine?

Back to us, which are the products to sell in a hemp vending machine? Easy! Everything which has to do with this new and appetising world. They can be hemp based products or derivatives (such as CBD oils, hemp flowers, hemp seeds…) or foodstuffs (beverages and snakcs). Everything accompanied by various merchandasings, from classic accessories such as cigarette papers, lighters, pipes and chillums, to T-shirts, caps, backpacks and bags … from classic hemp to food and even complete clothing lines. In order to be able to sell different types of products, Harvin has created a specific line of Slave vending machines refrigerated inside. With this solution that Harvin offers you can create real automatic shops, which can be assembled at will, the spirals that dispense the products are interchangeable with each other.

Legal hemp and electronic cigarettes: a 2-in-1 distributor

But not only that, you can also easily include the most sought-after products of the moment. In this case we are talking about disposable electronic cigarettes. Thanks to our new vending machines for disposable e-cig, we managed to create a new dispensing method. We were able to create a vending machine with specific dispensers patented directly in our company. Since each disposable e-cig has different dimensions and therefore different packaging, we at Harvin  have adapted internal columns of the legal hemp vending machines to exactly the size you need!

So owning a disposable electronic cigarette vending machine and a legal hemp vending machine is now possible in a single machine. If you want to integrate in your business the sale of legal hemp with any device currently on the market, you can do so. What does this mean? Thanks to us, you can completely customise the columns inside your legal hemp vending machine and design the size that best suits your needs. Unlike the competition, we are always one step ahead and have been able to design an innovative and exclusive electronic cigarette vending machine with a very attractive design.

Still not convinced of our capabilities? Visit our website and choose the vending machine that most interests you. Then contact us and tell us the packaging dimensions of your devices. We will design the right disposable electronic cigarette vending machine for you. You will definitely not be the only one who can own it, but you will definitely be the only one who can realise your personal ideas with our team.

Thanks to our invention, you will now be able to request what you most want to sell. We will definitely help you materialise your project, whatever it is, in no time at all.

If you liked our article and found it useful, follow our blog posts for further updates from Harvin and get If you liked our article and found it useful, follow our blog posts for further updates from Harvin and get in touch with our team! Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube so you don’t miss our projects.