Renting or Leasing a Weed Vending Machine: all of the benefits and none of the worries

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One thing is clear by now: automatic distributors and vending machines are an irreplaceable business tool if you want to have a 24-hour sales activity, open 7 days a week year round in any indoor or outdoor location. The recent covid pandemic has demonstrated that in exceptional situations such as the lockdowns, automatic distributors could also happen to be the only income channel for many businesses and shop owners. This is true for all businesses, including cannabis stores and grow shops, that can only benefit from the inclusion of a weed vending machine as a sales extension of their shop.

The vast majority of tobacco shops that also sell a selection of legal cannabis and CBD products, mostly CBD cannabis flowers, are already equipped with automatic distributors for the sales of their tobacco products and other accessories, and many of them have already allocated an entire section of the distributor as “cannabis products”, with the happy green cannabis leaf icon and all.

As we like to say here at Harvin, grow shops and cannabis stores need to extend their business horizons too. A very effective way to expand the business for a legal cannabis brand is to expand its business and sales presence not only outside their cannabis shop but also pretty much elsewhere through the placement of weed vending machines in other shops, malls, metro stations and third parties locations. This is a strategy with an access and activation cost that is definitely lower than opening new physical shops or starting a shop franchise. This is also a strategy that many of our clients successfully carry on since many years, with the full support of the Harvin team, and some of them even turned into our distribution partners.

While it is clear that a weed vending machine (or more than one) can be a plus for your legal cannabis and CBD business, it is also true that not many business owners have enough resources to invest in the purchase of a weed vending machine, specially after more than one year of pandemic crisis that really affected financially all businesses, with many business owners forced by the crisis to permanently close their shops.

Also here at Harvin the pandemic crisis hit hard, as our headquarters are located right outside Brescia, that has been one of the early covid red zones in Italy, and so stayed for a long time with the lockdowns. One of the ways we managed to stay afloat has been to push an offer that allows the rental and leasing of weed vending machines.

renting leasing weed vending machine

In the long run, which is also the business horizon of any business owner, it is more convenient to buy and own an automatic distributor rather than renting it. Pretty much like a car. But, in moments of general financial crisis, it can be a good idea to fortify and grow your business with the help of the revenues provided by a weed vending machine you can rent with easy monthly payments, rather than committing to the full purchase. Plus, when your business will be out of the crisis and back to normality, you will be able to decide to purchase the weed vending machine you have been renting, of course at a very special low price!

The metaphor of the car is really appropriate, as even in the case of weed vending machines sometimes can be more convenient for your business to lease a weed vending machine, rather than buying one. This is why Harvin also offers what we call Operative Rental or Rental Lease, let’s explain this in detail. The expression ”operative lease” is somewhat confusing as it has a different meaning based on the context. From a product characteristic stand point, this type of a lease, as distinguished from a finance lease, is one where the lessor takes residual risk.

In order to access the Harvin Weed Vending Machine Operative Rental Program it is necessary to submit a request to a company that has an agreement for operative rentals. These companies exist all over the world, and there are now hundreds of machine rental companies in each country so it’s very easy to request the activation for a weed vending machine operative rental. Of course the Harvin team can guide you through the entire process and will provide you with all the answers to your questions. Just get in touch with us and let’s talk about it.

Harvin weed vending machine

The operative rental of a weed vending machine combines many benefits, as we also briefly expressed on a previous post of our blog, a couple of years ago. The benefits of renting a weed vending machine range from the access to deferred payment over time with the immediate availability of goods that are constantly updated from a technological point of view. And of course also the customer’s ability to adapt the weed vending machine with equipment to suit their needs, such as the personalization of the card and ID readers or the customization of the design / external wrapping of the weed vending machine. Plus, the operative rental offers a good amortization of the automatic weed distributor, with no risk of technological obsolescence of the weed vending machine.

Harvin is also going to design a very precise planning of business costs for the operative rental of the weed vending machine. Such costs vary as they depend on the desired weed vending machine(s), the requested features, and of course the length of the operative rental. Normally the Harvin operative rental takes the form of a 36 to 60 months lease, in order to make a low and sustainable monthly fee for our clients for the duration of the lease time they signed up for. We also offer an insurance policy included in the Harvin operative rental fee, covering theft, fire and acts of vandalism. The insurance policy is an excellent source of security, and we always suggest our clients to ask for it so they can really have no worries.

This kind of formula is also particularly suitable for startups and newly launched companies that for reasons of low credit rating might have difficulty in accessing classic financial instruments such as financing and leasing.

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about the obsolescence of the weed vending machine technology. We remind you that all system and software updates are managed remotely by the Harvin team, and you can always count on the excellence of our technical and commercial client support, always at your service.

Of course, pretty much like a car, at the end of the operative rental of your weed vending machine you will have several options, including purchasing the weed distributor at a very convenient price, extend the lease or even “switch” to a new model of weed vending machine that in the meantime has became available in the Harvin line of weed vending machines.

As we said in the title of this article and we like to say to our clients, the operative rental of one or more weed vending machines offers all of the benefits of operating a 24/7 addition to your business, and gives you none of the worries of purchasing and owning one.

Do you want to start an operative lease of a weed vending machine, or you need more information about it? Contact Harvin via our regular phone and email contacts.

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