The social function of weed vending machines

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weed vending machines

In this article I will address a topic that is too little talked about: the social function of weed vending machines. Read on to find out what it is all about!

The legalization of hemp in Italy, as in most of Europe, has not been appreciated by a large section of the population with a conservative mentality that still tends to view this product with eyes of prejudice and distrust. Public opinion can be of great importance in determining the success of hemp products and influencing political choices. It is no coincidence that in recent years we have witnessed in almost all of Europe firstly a decriminalization of the production and sale of cannabis-derived substances – albeit with a THC content of less than 0.2%, and in some countries such as Italy and Greece even less than 0.6% – and shortly afterwards accusations from opposition representatives who have attempted to reintroduce prohibitionist tendencies, fortunately not succeeding in their intentions.

But why are so many people still convinced that cannabis products containing CBD can be harmful to health, even after the UN itself recently declared its exclusion from the list of harmful and addictive substances and even recognized its curative properties?
In the past decades, as a result of prohibitionism of the 1980s, cannabis began to be regarded as an addictive substance, at a time when unfortunately hard drugs had become a major social problem. This sad association led those who lived through that period to consider cannabis a drug, and therefore a danger. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation on the subject among the majority of the population, who do not even know the difference between THC and CBD. If there were more information, it is clear that most people would support the legalization of cannabis.

Once this is said, you can begin to understand why weed vending machines can have a social function, as they can contribute to the promotion of information. The reasons are explained below:

weed vending machines
  • They are an effective communication tool

A weed vending machine is not only used to sell products to customers, but also has the main purpose of finding new buyers, as it is not only a sales tool, but also a powerful communication tool. Most shopkeepers now have a modern weed vending machine that can play advertising videos, promotions and discounts on a touch screen and that can replace a real employee. This is another very useful element for legal cannabis businesses, considering that due to prejudices, CBD users prefer to buy it discreetly.

  • A vending machine will arouse everyone’s curiosity

You will have often come across a very bright vending machine or 24-hour self-service shop on the street and been unable to look away. A vending machine intrigues everyone, not only if it is a snack, soft drink or hot drink vending machine, but also if it is a weed vending machine with a bright green light that makes it visible from a great distance. It doesn’t matter if it’s people who don’t like these products, they won’t be able to avoid looking at it. And if they see some advertisements or product descriptions, they are likely to be curious about them and start to inquire. By now, a lot of cannabis retailers and sellers are promoting information about hemp and it is very easy to find a wealth of information through your favourite search engine or social network.

  • A weed vending machine can encourage the product’s acceptance

Have you ever wondered how many vending machines you come across every day while driving or walking down the street? Of course, you may be thinking, the answer varies depending on where you live, because it is not the same to live in a big city, in the suburbs or in a small town. And yet, wherever you live, I bet you will encounter at least one or two vending machines every day.  And what does this mean? If you think about it, the answer is very simple. Seeing something every day makes it normal, makes it part of your daily routine and not something out of the ordinary. People may be surprised to see a weed vending machine for the first time, especially objectors who will almost certainly criticise it.  But they will no longer be surprised when they start seeing them every day, maybe even more than one. The fact of encountering cannabis vending machines on the street will become a habit, and this will allow cannabis to be increasingly tolerated and normalised until it becomes a legal product like any other, which as such can be sold without arousing astonishment and prejudice. 

The reasons listed above should be enough to make any cannabis and hemp retailer realise that a growshop, CBD shop or tobacco shop should always be equipped with weed vending machines. If you are thinking of purchasing one, you should consider contacting Harvin, a professional company that with 20 years of experience in the vending industry will be able to give you the best advice and find the most suitable solutions for your business. Contact our team now for more information and follow our blog for all the updates!

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