24-hour Automatic Shops: a turning point for your business

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Nowadays, 24-hour automatic shops are extremely widespread. Just take a walk in the center and in other places with high pedestrian traffic to realize that it is increasingly easy to meet self 24-hour automatic shops, real automated self-service stores where products of all kinds are sold: snacks and drinks, hot meals, pizza, souvenirs, gadgets, parapharmacy products and in recent years even hemp. 24 hour stores have been very successful as they are available 24/7, do not require staff and are easy to use and manage. 24 hour shops allow businesses to increase their revenues considerably.

What are 24-hour automatic shops?

They are shops that operate without any employees, usually located in small premises on central streets in a strategic and easily accessible location. They may consist of 3 or more vending machines, and generally contain products of various categories, including products for adults and hemp, which shoppers prefer to dispense without the need for an intermediary in order to have maximum privacy when making a purchase.

24-hour automatic shops are very popular for the reasons listed above, but they are also winning over entrepreneurs as they allow them to offer their customers a complete and continuous service. in addition, vending machines require minimal maintenance and little time to operate, so they do not require an excessive financial and labour commitment. For this reason, many entrepreneurs who also have other activities opt for a 24-hour shop, with a minimum initial investment and limited workload, in order to easily increase their earnings.

Harvin 24-hour Automatic Shops

If you are thinking of opening a 24-hour automatic shop, you are in the right place! Harvin has been manufacturing vending machines for 25 years for all sectors, from cigarette and electronic cigarette vending machines, to dispensers for pharmacies, snacks and soft drinks and for the last few years we have specialised in the Hemp Vending industry, which is increasing the profit margin of many retailers. Our team of engineers and softwarists is always up to date with the latest developments in the sector, enabling us to offer our customers state-of-the-art, innovative sales tools.

Harvin offers you a comprehensive service at every stage of your purchase and our sales staff will evaluate with you the most suitable locations where to install vending machines and where to invest in a 24 hour self-service shop, proposing the most suitable solutions for you according to your needs and budget.

We will also advise you on the highest-selling products to put in your vending machines to get maximum profit from your business and continue to assist you with any needs after the sale.

Once we have received your free, no obligation consultation, we will install the machines and offer you a free training day at our premises in Italy to teach you how to carry out the procedures you will need to use your machine. Maintenance is minimal and easy to learn and Harvin will be at your service for whatever you need!

How to open a 24h automatic shop

24-hour vending shops

As mentioned above, the Harvin team will offer you a free consultation and help you design your business plan step by step. But what do these assessments consist of? Below we list the basic steps you need to follow to open a self-service shop:

1) A business plan

The first thing to do is to carefully evaluate all the expenses and initial investments, in order to avoid rushing in without proper planning in a sector in which, however understandable the enthusiasm, it is better to make the right considerations first. This is especially true for the costs of opening a business, even though these are considerably lower than those of a physical shop with employees, which certainly involves higher costs.

2) Choosing a location

When you decide to open a 24-hour automatic shop, it is essential to find the best location. It does not make sense to invest in a self-service shop in a hidden location, difficult to reach and out of sight of your potential customers. The best solution is to open such a shop in an area with high traffic and easy access on foot or by car. It is also essential, if you open a shop containing products for adults and hemp or CBD, to choose a location away from sensitive places such as schools or churches. Last but not least, be sure to also analyse the urban area and nearby shops before choosing a location! Opening an automatic shop too close to your potential competitors could be unprofitable.

3) Room hire and furnishing

When choosing a location, it is essential to find a pleasant place to be, because in the vending sector, the eye not only plays its part, it is also fundamental! In fact, it is very important to furnish the place in such a way as to make it bright and welcoming. Some even choose to place small sofas inside the 24 automatic shop to accommodate passing customers in a comfortable place where they can eat their food or simply rest their feet for a few minutes. If you can create a pleasant space for your customers, you can be sure that they will come back to your 24h automatic shop!

4) Which products to choose

As we have mentioned above, it is important to choose high-selling products that not only offer you a high profit margin but will also be chosen by many customers. Harvin, with his 20 years of experience, will be able to offer you professional advice and valuable tips for your business.

5) Choosing vending machines

Once you have found the right location and investment solutions for you, it is time to buy vending machines and find the ones that suit your target customer base. Keep in mind that buying a vending machine means that you will be dealing with that supplier for the life of the machine, so it is important that you use a reputable company like Harvin to ensure that you get the best service and support for your needs.

Vending machines can be either bought or rented. It is important to choose the most suitable vending machines for the products you will offer to your customers. This is a crucial step as vending machines should not only be chosen on the basis of their price but also their functionality. For example, customers prefer machines that are technological and easy to use, with support services for purchase.

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