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Not so long ago we wrote a blog article about cannabis edibles, and about how CBD (and THC) foods and drinks have revolutionized the cannabis market. The cannabis and CBD edible market is pretty big in the United States and Canada, to the point that huge food corporations such as Coca-Cola and Whole Foods (but also big tobacco corporations such as Marlboro) have filed hundreds of cannabis-related patents, invested several billions dollars acquiring companies and infrastructures of the new green industry, and are planning a heavy entry on the consumer market. Or, better say, they are already there, dominating it.

In a recent interview reported by Forbes magazine, John Mackey, the CEO of the US food and groceries chain Whole Foods who recently sold to Amazon for more than 13 billion dollars, stated that “the cannabis industry will change the world”. In the meantime, he certainly changed for the americans the way to shop for groceries, since now they can find CBD products practically everywhere across the Whole Foods store: from the now “classic” CBD oils and oil capsules and pills in the vitamin section, to a myriad of CBD cosmetics and topics creams in the beauty section all the way to CBD shampoos, conditioners and soaps, and of course dried CBD cannabis flowers in the herbs section. Talking about CBD topical creams, did you know that in the US it’s pretty common to find in shops CBD and hemp infused dental floss, and even CBD and hemp infused toothpicks? There is even more than just one brand of CBD dental floss on the market… And how about CBD mouthwash or CBD beauty face masks?

The big lion’s share of the new CBD market in the US is the saturation of cannabis, hemp and CBD drinks, sodas, beers and liquors, all top sellers at the drink  section of Whole Food and all other shops selling CBD products, including the classic small mum and pa’s corner groceries store. One of the top sellers in the CBD drinks realm is CBD coffee, now available in all sorts of blends, and from full grains to ground coffee and capsules. A trend that has been criticized by High Times magazine, as when they recently covered the topic, they rightfully asked: “if CBD is supposed to get you sleepy, why do you want to fight that sensation with the effect of caffeine? The result will probably get you in a groggy mode…

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Undoubtedly, the crazier CBD drink certainly is…. CBD water! And it’s incredible to see how many brands are already cutting themselves a prime player position on the green market, and this is also valid for all the companies and brands positioning themselves as top brands for CBD teas and infusions, and of course the already mentioned CBD sodas and CBD drinks. And don’t get us started on the big classic form of CBD (and TCH) intake for those who don’t like to smoke: THC and CBD candies, specially the iconic THC and CBD gummy bears, who truly are the big best seller in any form of edible cannabis, next to the other obvious choices that include cannabis and CBD chocolate, cannabis and CBD cookies, brownies and other yummy treats for your palate and your mind.

What was at first a “stoner home practice”, basically baking a few cannabis cookies or brownies in your kitchen, has now become a very big business with billions of dollars in investments, sales and market value, jumping to new heights at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, when the United States even included cannabis in the list of “indispensable products”, as reported everywhere and also in this article by the New York Times.

The culture of “eating” cannabis has also reached excellence levels, especially in the United States, where top chefs experiment in restaurant kitchens with both fresh cannabis and all kinds of extracts, to the point that there are already several “420 restaurants” and even a number of cannabis cooking TV shows where top chefs showcase or compete with each other in the creation incredibly gourmet food treats based on marihuana. A couple of years ago Carì’s Jr., a popular fast food chain in the United States, even launched “Rocky Mountain High”, an hamburger with CBD-infused oil.

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Also on the European legal cannabis market, where THC is mostly illegal, the CBD edible revolution has been taking a larger and larger share of the industry sales. While all the individual european legal cannabis markets are growing and evolving at various speeds, with Italy that as usual struggles at around mid-chart, key markets such as Germany, the UK and Poland are at the forefront of the CBD and CBD edibles revolution and evolution, pretty much following the path of the US/Canada market, only no THC.

As for the rest we are witnessing not only a fast market growth, but also the birth and rise of many CBD companies and brands that, after putting in a lot of effort, a great quality of production and attention to details in communication and distribution, are now de-facto surged to the status (and the sales levels) of contemporary lifestyle brands, and becoming a new classic, according to a recent article about CBD in food published by the BBC.

At recent european cannabis fairs (we mean those we attended until right before the pandemic) we have discovered and tasted great gourmet hemp, CBD and cannabis-based dishes, including pizza, pasta and all sorts of pastry and bakery food, and even cannabis-based gelato! A real gelato ice-cream, not the Gelato weed genetics! Cannabis, hemp and CBD beers are everywhere, and if you haven’t tried a cannabis beer you should definitely try one soon! While the european market for CBD beverages is growing fast, we haven’t seen any CBD water yet…

The edible revolution is also taking over the weed vending machines industry, and Harvin has been offering a new generation of automatic weed distributors that are perfect for handling CBD food and drinks too. While at first our weed vending machines where mostly a great business solution to sell legal weed – and still are, in the majority of the cases – we have assisted to a very rapid trend over the last couple of years, with more and more “non smokeable” products being sold by our weed vending machines.

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About three years ago, at the beginning of the edible revolution, we created a new refrigerated weed vending machine able to sell both cannabis flowers and cannabis food and drinks, and any other cannabis derivate including CBD oils, tinctures and cosmetics. We added to our weed vending machine engine a refrigeration unit with a see-through display directly mutated from our 30+ years experience in food and snack distributors, and Master Revolution was born.

Master Revolution is a refrigerated weed vending machine and the top of the Harvin line of weed distributors. The distributor includes a fridge to keep cannabis, hemp and CBD food and drinks products refrigerated and at optimal temperature, and it is ideal for easily perishable cannabis food and drinks such as cannabis tea, CBD sodas and infusions, cannabis beer, hemp and CBD chocolate, cannabis cookies and more cannabis edible. Master Revolution has been designed to dispense cans, bottles, bags and boxes of any shape, and is equipped with an internal lift that allows the handling and delivery of fragile products with maximum care and safety, making the shopping experience simple and pleasant, with the withdrawal tray at an easy height 80 cm from the ground, managed by electronic sensors that control the opening of the withdrawal door.

With its attractive Italian design, Master Revolution can be installed in your shop window as well as in outdoors locations such as shopping centers or any high-trafficked location. As its load capacity makes it an excellent tool for busy areas. Master Revolution comes with a double loading door and a comfortable opening that allows to load the weed distributor from both front and back, thanks to an openable rear compartment that facilitates daily loading and unloading operations without the need of leaving the shop.

 The interchangeable spirals inside the automatic weed distributor can adapt to different sizes of products, and the product collection compartment is equipped with a safety toggle to avoid break-ins and vandalism attempts. It is also possible to customize your Master Revolution with your logo and brand colors for a more integrated branding, shopping and customer experience.

If you already have a Harvin weed vending machine with a touch screen display, don’t have enough space to install a Master Revolution at your physical shop, or if you plan to sell less edible cannabis food and drinks, you can find another interesting choice in the Harvin line of refrigerated weed vending machines. Introducing Master Mix, not a weed vending machine in itself, but a slave module that can be easily connected and paired with any of our weed vending machines with a touch screen display such as Magic Baby Touch and Magic Wind Touch. Like Master Revolution, also Master Mix is equipped with front and back access for product loading, flexible compartments for products storing and display, can load up to 23 product selections, and presents the same safety features as Master Revolution in terms of product delivery and collection.

Are you ready for the cannabis edible revolution? Then you need one or more or our edible-ready weed vending machines! If you want information about Master Revolution, Master Mix or any other of our weed vending machines that can help you expand your business horizons and your sales activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contact the Harvin team today. Let’s connect via phone or email, and then let’s plan a meeting at your business location, we’ll be happy to come see you.

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