7 reasons why you should buy a vending machine with credit card reader

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vending machine with credit card reader

If you ended up on this web page it’s because you’re considering buying a vending machine with credit card reader for your 24/7 cannabis shop and in this article we’ll tell you exactly why that would be your best choice.

Our Harvin cannabis vending machines are facing a constantly increasing demand and the main reason is their technical features that make us an important point of reference within the automatic distribution in Europe. Our credit card readers are extremely practical and functional – that’s what makes them one of our clients’ most appreciated characteristics.

Why should you buy a vending machine with the credit card reader option? The answer is very simple: nowadays society is using less cash, that is why a lot of people prefer to pay with their credit cards instead. The vending industry is distancing itself from the use of cash and coin boxes because consumers prefer high-tech payment methods. A lot of vending machines owners faced a growth in their sales thanks to the use of no cash payments, through contactless or credit and debit cards. But which are the reasons why you should buy a credit card reader vending machine?


Cannabis vending machine with credit card reader, Harvin's Cannabis vending machine

1. The cost of cannabis and CBD products

Cannabis producers, sellers and consumers perfectly know that this product can have a significant cost. In particular, the cost of the CBD oils ranges between 20€ and 50€. It’s unlikely that you’ll find it at less than 10€ per gram, even when it comes to inflorescences. It’s easy to understand that there’s a great difference between buying these products and buying coffee or snacks and sodas from vending machines and your clients may not have enough cash to buy your products. What would you prefer – to lose a potential client or to allow them to pay with their card? You should think about it twice.

2. More detailed vending statistics

Thanks to the card readers, together with a systematic management of the automatic distribution, you’ll get a better accuracy in the vending data process. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to use these data to produce accurate vending statistics that will allow you to better understand which are your bestselling products and which are providing lower incomes and should be replaced.

3. Some places requires a card reader

There are busy places, like shopping centres and gas stations, in which it’s more likely that people would pay with their credit cards. These places produce a remarkable amount of incomes because of the great number of people that frequent them, so if you’d like to win an invitation to tender to get this kind of strategic locations, you should get vending machines provided with card readers.

4. Increased money spent for each transaction

This is an easy reason to understand. First of all, the products are summed up in a single bill when people pay with their card and it’s harder to isolate the cost of each item. Moreover, once the costumer gets the bill it will take a short amount of time to swipe their card, surely shorter than inserting cash and coins and this is what reduces the instant regret for the purchase. In other words, the whole process is less transparent than the cash payment so when the costumers decide to pay with card, it is more likely that they are going to spend more.

5. Time saving

A vending machine provided with card reader will give you the chance to send the incomes straight to your bank account. This will reduce the possible mistakes that you can make while while counting cash and save your time.

6. Lower risk of being vandalized

It needs to be said that our Harvin vending machines are extremely hard to vandalize because they are armoured, built with extremely resistant stainless steel and their screens are made with unbreakable glass. However, if you decide to place them in high risk places and you want to be guaranteed the maximum security, you should keep in your mind that a vandal can’t steal your incomes made through a card reader.

7. Increase of the overall sales

It has surely happened to you, too, once at least, to stop in front of a vending machine and finding yourself with not enough cash or coins to buy what you wanted. This problem would be easily solved for your potential costumers if you get a vending machine provided with card reader.

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