How do weed vending machines work?

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A lot of people ask, “how do weed vending machines work”?

First of all, the vending machine has become an indispensable tool for many businesses. It is no longer just a means of supplying coffee, snacks or drinks in waiting rooms, businesses and schools or universities, but it is now a very effective and intelligent sales tool that many businesses are introducing into their premises to increase their revenues. This market trend continues to grow, with the growth trend for this sector steadily increasing over the last 40 years.

It is easy to see that nowadays it is increasingly common to find vending machines that provide not only drinks, snacks, cigarettes, etc., but also a wide range of products, including hemp products. These machines, which at first glance may seem simple, are becoming faster and more intuitive as the years go by, in order to ensure their smooth operation and immediate use within everyone’s reach.

But what are the processes that are triggered as soon as we select the product and insert the money or credit card? Below we explain how Harvin’s Weed vending machines work:

How do Harvin’s weed vending machines work

1) Insert an Identity Document

Cannabis products can by law only be purchased by people over 18 years of age, so the preliminary point for using a vending machine and making purchases is to allow the machine to read a valid identity document. In Italy, mainly the health card is used – which is equipped with a chip that can tell the machine the age of the purchaser, and no other personal data – while in other countries, identity documents or driving licences are also used.

2) Payment methods

Once the vending machine has been able to verify the age, the vending machine is enabled to sell and you can then proceed with the purchase. In general, almost all vending machines are now equipped with banknote and coin readers of different denominations, and the more high-tech ones now also have credit card readers – like ours from Harvin – and contactless technology.

3) Product dispensing

Once payment has been made by the preferred method, the vending machine dispenses the product in different ways:

Dispensing via pusher system:

In this case – as for Magic Baby and Magic Baby Touch, for example – the products are divided inside the machine into columns, and stacked one on top of the other. Each column is equipped with a motor which, once a customer has selected the product they want to buy, dispenses the selected product forward, making it slide and bring it to the pick-up area.

Dispensing via spirals:

This is a more common dispensing method for snack and soft drink vending machines, such as our Master Revolution. Typically, the inserted products take up more space and are placed inside some spirals that dispense and drop the product into the pick-up compartment thanks to a forward rotation.

Dispensing via internal lift:

This is a dispensing mode designed for snack and drink vending machines, such as our Master Lift Plus: the products are always dispensed by rotating the spiral system, but in this case the products are not dropped but are accompanied by a small internal lift, to avoid sudden drops and to accompany the product gently to the pick-up area. This is the best way to dispense delicate products and easily breakable materials such as glass.

It is a very advanced technology that only very few innovative companies, including Harvin, have adapted to give their customers a unique and unparalleled retail experience.

4) Dispensing of change
Harvin’s vending machines are able to select the different denominations of coins they receive and, if necessary, dispense the correct amount of change.

But what happens if the vending machine has run out of change?

As you will see in the next point, this is absolutely no problem for Harvin!

5) Thermal printer for change receipt

Harvin’s vending machines, in the event that the required denominations of coins for change are exhausted, can provide a refund receipt thanks to the advanced technology of our thermal panel printers. The vending machine will issue a ticket stating the total amount that was not given, and the customer can go to the shop during opening hours or contact the vendor to claim their change.

What are the other aspects to consider about how Harvin’s cannabis vending machines work, especially for shopkeepers and not only for customers who purchase the product from the machine?

  • Simple operation of vending machines and in-house training

Harvin’s high-tech vending machines are easy to use, and routine maintenance – such as cleaning the internal and external components of the machine, filling up with money and finished products – is extremely intuitive. Our engineers have designed the technology to be accessible to everyone without creating hiccups or unnecessary complications during use by both retailers and their customers.

Harvin’s staff will also provide you with comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support if you need it, and at the time of purchase you will be offered a training day at our company headquarters where you will learn everything you need to know about using your machine. At the end of the training you will receive a short, easy-to-use manual summarising everything you have been taught.

  • Free consultations

Our team will always help you free of charge to advise you on the best solutions for your business, such as where to install the vending machine and which model to choose according to your products and customers.

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