4 Cannabis Vending Machines that change your life!

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4 Cannabis Vending Machines that change your life!

In a few months we have realized a brand new project for the sale of products and contents for the dissemination of the Cannabis culture. In the multi-colored and variegated sector, the Cannabis Vending Machine can be considered fundamental to increase sales of products based on legal Cannabis. There are now different types of products containing Legal Cannabis and Harvin has already designed 4 different Cannabis Vending Machines divided into 8 versions . A way to sell this type of product that changes your life for the better. 
Let’s see what the Harvin Cannabis vending machines are and how much they can bring.

The first model is the Magic Wind 40 Cannabis Vending Machine that offers 40 selections. Magic Wind 40 Cannabis Vending Machine is a smart cannabis vending machine with touch screen technology that displays the products in a 19″ full HD monitor and has the ability to add the description of the product you want to sell with explanations of the content as well as the percentages of all the active ingredients contained in the cannabis package. Very useful for those who want to know the details of the product and want to bring their own brand in evidence.

Second model is The Magic Hour 60 Cannabis Vending Machine, that includes 60 selections, with a load capacity of over a thousand cannabis products packed in convenient cases. Magic Hour 60 Cannabis Vending Machine features a 22 “full HD touch screen monitor suitable for outdoor use. The variable modular space is also available in this version of cannabis vending machine, even promotional videos can be managed by the cannabis vending machine as well as features in the “sister” Magic Wind 40. Excellent total load capacity and the standard age control reader.

Third models are the Master Magic 36 or 54 selections, refrigerated cannabis vending machines for those who have to sell products at a controlled temperature. Ideal for selling legal cannabis drinks, cannabis snacks or hemp food products. The Master Magic 36 and 54 cannabis vending machines are equipped as standard with 6 configurable plans with spirals of various diameters, to allow the delivery of various types of packaging. The powerful refrigerator allows you to reach a pleasant and optimal temperature for all the products contained. It is equipped by a age control reader that discriminates if a user can buy the products or if it is of age. In the two versions of cannabis vending machines available the plans are interchangeable with each other so you can have a summer setup with more cannabis drinks and liquids and a winter setup with more sweet or savory cannabis and hemp products.


The fourth model of Harvin cannabis vending machine is the last born at Harvin and is called Magic Baby 18 selections. A compact cannabis vending machine in size, but robust as our entire range. The Legal Cannabis Vending Machine MagicBaby 18 can be fixed to the ground but also easily hung as it is only 39cm thick and takes up little space in depth. Harvin can build bases at the height upon request by the customer. Magic Baby 18 is a Cannabis vending machine ideal for shops where the self24 sales service is essential without the need to necessarily have a large cannabis vending machine. The backlite LED illuminates the steel buttons and a convenient plexiglass display allow you to view the product both day and night. Magic Baby is cheap, compact and safe cannabis vending machine, a product that soon brings your investment back. The cannabis Vending machine has a load capacity of over 300pcs without compromises, in fact it mounts all the accessories of the larger models, including the age control system.


Harvin Vending machines produces but above all innovates in the fast growing Cannabis sector. Expanding your sales horizons has been our slogan for over 20 years and has brought us luck, as well as to our happy customers. If you want to learn more about the cannabis vending machines described in this article, click here and you’ll have all the information you need for investing in hemp dispensers.