Harvin Testimonial Interview with Grow Shop 2.0

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We love to handle the microphone to our customers and let them talk for us. After all, they are the one who manage their Harvin cannabis vending machines every day from their shops or from the third party locations where they have the cannabis vending machines installed.

Over time we have been introducing to our followers some of our clients and partners in the european legal cannabis industry, starting with a testimonial article from Marco and our Swiss friends at Hedel Hemp Switzerland, and another article introducing our trade show partners CBD Flowers, with whom we often share the expo booth at major European cannabis fairs. A few months later, always last year, we even interviewed Cristina from CBD Flower with a video shot at the Salone Internazionale della Canapa di Milano (Italy), where we shared again the expo booth.

One of our first blog articles was about our client Christian at Pizza Express, who decided to add a cannabis vending machine to his pizza joint in Castel ivano, a beautiful medieval city in Valsugana, in the province of Trento (Italy), while one of our latest articles is dedicated to our friend and neighbor Incro, an Italian rapper who’s very happy about the installation of a cannabis vending machine at his Joint Village legal cannabis shop in Brescia (Italy).

At the end of summer 2019 we published an article right after the Salonica Cannabis Expo (Greece) featuring a video interview with our partner Riccardo from CBWeed, as we were sharing the greek expo booth with the Forlì-based company (Italy). Another “improv” video from a cannabis trade show, this time from CannaFest in Prague (Czech Republic) featured our good friend and client Marco, who’s the founder of Sir Canapa, and also the organizer of the Milan-based cannabis fair 4:20 Hemp Fest, Harvin was scheduled to be among the sponsors of this year’s 4:20 Hemp Fest, but unfortunately the Milan cannabis expo has been canceled this year due to the covid pandemic, like all other cannabis trade shows in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

Today we introduce you to a new Harvin testimonial, our client Luca Saverino, owner of Grow Shop 2.0 in Domodossola, a beautiful valley city in northern Piedmont, Italy. This time we decided to test another “format”, so we sent Luca a set of questions via email, and he replied to us straight away. Here below is the complete interview, enjoy the reading.

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Harvin: Thank you Luca for taking your time for this brief testimonial interview. I hear at Harvin that your company is one of the most recent clients who decided to expand their legal cannabis product distribution through cannabis vending machines, so let me ask you a few things about it. How many automatic distributors do you currently have, and how did you decide to pursue this product distribution strategy?

Luca Grow Shop 2.0: I currently have 4 cannabis vending machines. I decided to buy the first one shortly after the arrival of the legal cannabis law in Italy, and the cannabis distributor paid for itself, as I managed to earn more than what I paid for it even before I opened my grow shop. After seeing the great results, I decided to buy 2 more cannabis vending machines from Harvin. I have always chosen the Magic Wind Touch, a model with 40 product selections, which I believe is the most suitable model for the sale of the different types of products we sell at the grow shop. I can also monitor the cannabis vending machine remotely, and this allows me to always have an eye on the product sales.

Harvin: Where do you usually place your cannabis vending machines? Your own shops, third party shops, public spaces, other locations?

Luca Grow Shop 2.0: I installed the first cannabis vending machine in my grow shop, then I placed the other two legal cannabis distributors at third parties locations. I closed an agreement with shops and structures that are happy to host my distributors. I also found very interesting locations and the economic results arrived pretty soon. I have to say that Harvin gave me some tips on how to find the best placement for the cannabis vending machines, that I have immediately accepted, given their 25 years of experience in the vending machine industry.

Harvin: Of course you choose fully customized distributors, with your logo and company identity upfront. Are you satisfied with the wrapping job we do here at Harvin?

Luca Grow Shop 2.0: The idea of the customization of the cannabis vending machine came from Harvin. They showed me the hundreds of customization jobs they did for other stores and I gladly accepted the advice, then with the help of our graphic designers we created the wrapping that gave a very personal touch to the vending machines. I must also say that the led lights that Harvin’s Magic Wind Touch is equipped with gave the final touch.

Harvin: Now a question that is the first doubt on everyone’s mind when they start considering investing in one or more cannabis vending machines. How much adding cannabis vending machines to your legal cannabis business impacts your business revenues?

Luca Grow Shop 2.0: This is an interesting question to which I answer with certainties: the adoption of cannabis vending machines made sure to reach plenty of new customers. There are people in my neighborhood who didn’t know my grow shop as they were passing by, going to or coming back from their jobs, during my shop closing hours. Other people didn’t enter the shop for lack of trust, especially if they were not from the neighbourhood and they were just simply passing by, but with the cannabis vending machines working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I have completed my clientele by gaining all these new clients.

Harvin: Anything else you would like to add to this interview? We always love to hear more from our customers.

Luca Grow Shop 2.0: The only thing I would like to add is a suggestion for all those who are still evaluating if getting a cannabis vending machine or not. That distributors and their “automatic income” really help with the business, so I can now find more time focusing on the development of my business, rather than struggling about sales. I also ended up having more free hours during the week, thanks to the suggestions and support Harvin gave me.

Harvin: Thank you very much, Luca. Stay tuned for this interview to be featured soon on our blog!

That’s it for today, we hope you enjoyed our testimonial interview. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Luca and his Grow Shop 2.0 the next time you happen to be in Domodossola.

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