It's Valentine's Day, We Love Our Business, and to See Our Customers' Business Grow

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all our customers! And to the Harvin team! And to everybody in the legal cannabis and cannabis light industry! Since Valentine’s Day tradition is to acknowledge and celebrate love, we cannot leave this year’s Valentine’s Day go by without declaring all our love to our customers, to the cannabis industry at large, and to Harvin itself and all the people who are part of the Harvin family.

Allow us to start from within. We truly love our company. Harvin started 25 years ago, and our love for the automatic vending machines has become huge. We started our company selling and distributing all over Italy cigarette dispensers, and we have been adapting to the market’s evolution since then, adding new lines of products also for the pharmacy and the lottery sectors, as well as automatic distributors for food and drink. And then we entered the new green market of the legal cannabis, hemp and CBD products, starting providing to all operators in the sector the most effective way to expand their business horizons, our new full line of cannabis vending machines, that propelled our team also in a new adventure, the green economy.

We love everyone at Harvin. We have many differences but we truly are a big family. Each of our employees, from sales to the warehouse, from administration to installation and technical support team, is basically a Harvin family member, and we love to hang out and take our social interactions also outside of business hours. Thank you to each and every one of you us for making our job a fun commitment.

The cannabis light industry is also very fun, and we love it too! We love the cannabis industry, and the cannabis culture that goes with it. People operating in the legal cannabis sector are usually cool, easy going and fun to be and interact with, and all the cannabis trade shows and commercial fairs, events and showcases we attend and participate as exhibitors all over Europe are always great events, and not only for business.

The operators of the cannabis light industry love to work hard but also play hard, and each of the cannabis fairs we have participated around Europe has always been a great party, with weekend calendars rich not only with cannabis business related workshops and events, but also with a full program of entertainment that spans from concerts and DJ sets to art installations, performances and food, to proper massive parties.

And of course we love our customers. Not only do we love them for trusting us with their business and for making Harvin grow with them, but we also love to interact with them. Our commercial and technical support team are constantly “on the go”, visiting our customers to see how things go smoothly with the installations of our cannabis vending machines, and to figure out with our clients if there are plans for expansion of the automatic weed vending machines instalments with additional machines or modules or new placements in other shops or third parties locations, such as in a mall or active commercial area.

Our customers love us too, and it’s great when love is reciprocal. Head to our website to see the many testimonials we have received from happy customers who have adopted our cannabis vending machines. Just to mention a few, and to say thank you back:

Thanks Harvin for bringing me the best solution! (Christian, Castel Ivano, Trento)

Congratulations to the Harvin staff! (Gianni, Florence)

Harvin is a company strongly recommended, word of entrepreneur. (Marco, Switzerland)

A special thanks to the company technicians for their courtesy and availability. (Ninni, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza)

Thank you Christian, Gianni, Marco, Ninni and everybody else. We love you too!

If you want to feel our love too, or if you just want information about our cannabis vending machines, or are already planning to expand your business activity with an automatic weed distributor that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then contact our team immediately.

Get in touch with the Harvin team and tell us about your plans on integrating a cannabis vending machine at your business location, or just ask us to come visit you at your store to talk about how we can help you upgrade your business. Once we have evaluated the physical space you have available to install the automatic weed distributor, our expert team will advise you on which is the best model of cannabis vending machine, or which combination of modules, that best fits both your business goals and your shop location.

Another way to show us your love would be to follow our publications on the Harvin blog and our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so you can stay updated on the latest news from Harvin!