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If you sell smoking articles, you surely know that possessing disposable vape vending machines nowadays is a highly profitable solution for your sales outlet. We already dedicated an article in our blog to disposable vape vending machines, you can find it at the following link.
After the obvious boom in sales of disposable electronic cigarettes, it follows that installing 24-hour disposable vape vending machines in your store can be a very smart option. In this article we explain why you too should opt for such a business choice.

Disposable Vapes

But what are disposable vapes and where does the name come from?

When you find yourself in front of disposable vape vending machines, you may wonder what this name refers to. These are electronic cigarettes that have a limited number of puffs, which in Italy can be up to about 700, after which they are thrown away. This name is used to distinguish them from other types of electronic cigarettes available on the market. It is easy to get confused, as at first sight a disposable vape looks like a vaporizer in its own right, and not a disposable cigarette which is thrown away after being used.

But how do disposable vapes work?

They are small disposable vaporisers that contain a limited amount of liquid in a small tank. Disposable electronic cigarettes may contain a higher or lower percentage of nicotine, some are even nicotine-free. These devices contain a tiny internal vaporiser that runs on a tiny battery that can only work for a limited number of puffs. Puffs can work for 700/800 puffs, in some countries even up to 5000. The most popular disposable cigarettes brand in our country is Elf Bar, so much so that some use this name as a synonym for Disposable vapes. To answer all your questions, you can click on the link and have a look at the article I suggest.

But how were these disposable electronic cigarettes devised?

If you have ever found yourself in front of disposable vape vending machines, you may have wondered how products of this type were conceived. Initially, disposable vapes were conceived by the manufacturers as samples containing a limited amount of liquid, produced for the sole purpose of letting shopkeepers taste the different flavours before choosing which liquids to buy for vaping. But the disposable vapes were no ordinary sample cigarettes, they were colourful, beautiful to look at and functional without any commitment, as once opened they worked without needing to be refilled. It was soon realised that it could be a product that was also very popular among the final public, which is why disposable vapes were launched on the retail market and the product achieved immediate results. To date, disposable electronic cigarettes are widespread in our country and also in the rest of Europe, with a few exceptions. At this link you can find the list of countries where it is legal and those where it is prohibited to sell disposable vapes.

CBD disposable vapes

If you already follow Harvin’s blog, you already know that we are the number one Italian company for the production of CBD vending machines. You may then be wondering: have disposable electronic cigarettes with CBD been invented? The answer is obviously yes. In Italy at the moment there are only nicotine disposable vapes vending machines, but we hope that soon CBD disposable vapes vending machines will also be available. As far as Europe is concerned, one only has to take a look on the web to realise that this product is very popular in France, where CBD liquids can currently be sold without any problems. The same can be said of Switzerland, where disposable vapes with a large number of puffs – even 2000 and more – and a high percentage of CBD can be sold. Unfortunately in Italy the situation is still critical; although disposable e-cigs derived from hemp and containing cannabidiol are also available on the Italian market, the law in our country implicitly prohibits their production and consumption. I say implicitly because, as we all know, CBD products in Italy are tolerated by law only if they are produced for ‘technical and collectors’ use, and should not be intended as a product for human consumption. Although we all know that hemp is produced for consumption, Italian production is unfortunately still very cautious and until our government makes a statement on the possibility of being able to freely consume hemp, the sale of CBD disposable e-cigs in Italy may be risky.

Harvin’s disposable vape vending machines

Our company is never blind to all market novelties, and one of our main goals is to be able to anticipate their needs so that we can offer only the best to our customers. It is precisely for this reason that Harvin has come up with a new line of disposable vapes vending machine. This new series of e-cig vending machines will soon be launched on the market and will be available to all shopkeepers who want to increase their sales by setting up a 24-hour self-service shop. We are already installing several CBD disposable electronic cigarette vending machines with excellent results both in France and Switzerland, and we hope that soon all Italian CBD retailers will be able to do the same, as it is a solution that has proven to be successful for all our customers, both in Italy and abroad.
Stay up to date with all the news from Harvin to find out when our new line of disposable vapes vending machines will be launched by reading our blog and following us on facebook, instagram and youtube. If you would like to receive a no-obligation sales proposal, or to resolve any of your questions, please contact our team directly.