Harvin Cannabis Vending Machines in Thessaloniki with our CBWeed Partners

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Thessaloniki is a Greek port city on the Aegean Sea, and the second biggest city in Greece after Athens. The city still carries a great legacy of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history and, even if much of the city center was destroyed by a fire in 1917, the rebuilt 20th-century city features a very modern European layout. Thessaloniki is also home to the Thessaloniki International Fair, a wide trade show expo and the largest annual exhibition in Greece, that every year attracts 300,000 visitors from all over the country and abroad.

Last month the Thessaloniki International Fair, that has reached its 84th edition, dedicated an entire showroom to the world of cannabis, by including in its program also the fifth edition of the Salonica Cannabis Expo, a cannabis fair organized by the same association behind the more consolidated Athens cannabis fair Athens Cannabis Expo. As in many other cannabis fairs where Harvin participates as exhibitor to showcase the Harvin line of cannabis vending machines, also in Thessaloniki visitors were able to explore, experience and buy not only legal cannabis and cannabis seeds but also cannabis-based food and beverages, hemp clothing and cosmetics, building materials made of hemp, various CBD-based products, vaporizers and cannabis-based vape e-liquids, hemp and cannabis publications and much more.

Harvin was not among the official exhibitors of the Salonica Cannabis Expo 2019, but we were indeed present anyway, as the Harvin team joined the booth of our good friends and partners CBWeed, the legal cannabis and CBD company based in Forlì, in the heart of the Romagna region.

Founded in 2017, CBWeed has grown in just a couple of years as one of the largest Italian legal cannabis companies in Italy, with over 40 franchise stores and over 800 retailers in the Italian peninsula, and growing fast also on several European countries such as Poland, Czeck Republic and Greece. Besides of great legal indoor and outdoor cannabis strains, CBWeed also offers many other hemp-related products such as CBD, CBD oil, hemp-based food products,hemp and CBD-based natural cosmetics, and even CBD products for pets.

With a business growing fast, of course CBWeed needed to expand further its business horizons also making sure to be able to provide their products to their customers 24 hours a day, even when their cannabis shops are closed. The solution? A Harvin cannabis vending machine, of course! A much better solution? A Harvin cannabis vending machine fully branded with the logo and image of CBWeed, such as our Magic Wind Touch cannabis vending machine that CBWeed brought to the Salonica Cannabis Expo in Greece.

Harvin has been working with CBWeed for some time by providing our cannabis vending machines for their shops, and it has been great to partner CBWeed also for the Thessaloniki cannabis trade show, sharing the greek cannabis fair experience with their team.

We also got to taste plenty of their hemp-based food and drinks too! You should definitely try their hemp-based pesto, the hemp muffins, and their exquisite canna frollo cookies, while sipping their yummy hemp beer, hemp infusions and hemp coffee! If you don’t have a CBWeed shop close to you or in your town, you can still buy all these fantastic cannabis products and more at the CBWeed online shop .

Here are a couple of pictures from the CBWeed/Harvin booth at the Salonica Cannabis Expo, but don’t forget to check out the other pictures and video we shared from Thessaloniki on our official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Harvin pages.

Maybe you have heard that video is worth more than a thousand pictures, and we know that too, so here is a brief video testimonial by Riccardo Ferrini, one of CBWeed’s founders, briefly presenting CBWeed and talking about the CBWeed-Harvin partnership for last week’s Greek cannabis trade show in Thessaloniki.


Thank you Riccardo, we are sure that we will be partnering more and more with CBWeed in the near future for further cannabis trade shows around Europe! And of course Harvin will be happy to keep being a partner of CBWeed’s success by supporting your business with our products and expertise in vending machines for the cannabis and hemp industry!

Be inspired by the successful growth of CBWeed’s business and follow the example of our partners: get one or more Harvin cannabis vending machines and expand your business horizons by extending your sales for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The benefits in terms of sales volumes deriving from the installation of one or more cannabis vending machines in your shop (or in bars, clubs and other commercial spaces, including malls) are truly worth the investment; which, by the way, is also very much affordable by businesses of any size. You will immediately notice that your newly added night and weekend sale volumes will be contributing in a significant way to your sales bottom line.

At the same time, by leveling up your shop adding a cannabis vending machine you will also have the chance to gain more new customers, as you will be providing access and selling your products also to those customers who cannot go shopping during business hours because they are stuck in an office or shop, or will never enter your cannabis shop during the daytime opening hours because they are shy, or prefer to protect their privacy.

Get in touch with Harvin today to let us know how we can help you grow your business with the many solutions available in our full line of cannabis vending machines, that also include refrigerated vending machines such as our top of the line Master Revolution, the perfect vending machine for cannabis, hemp and CBD edibles and drinks.

Do you want to meet the Harvin team at a cannabis fair? We will be participating, this time with our own booth and with our full line of cannabis vending machines to the bigger and most important cannabis fair in Europe, Cannafest 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, where you will find us on November 1-2-3 at the expo stand 5C07 .

Keep following our blog and our social network spaces, as we will be blogging and posting pictures and videos from Prague soon!